Here at Administrate, we love all types of learning, and we're here to support training providers no matter what type of learning they offer.

But today we're going to focus on eLearning and why we love it so much! Whether you're currently offering online learning or you're thinking of branching out into the eLearning world, check out the 15 reasons we think it's just fab!

1. Distance Isn’t a Problem


eLearning means you can attract students from all over the world and not just the ones that live near your training centre! Even students who live relatively near to you may prefer eLearning because it will save them time and money when it comes to travelling!

This gives you a much bigger pool of potential customers and potential profit!

2. Students Don’t Need to Wait for Start Dates

When it comes to online learning, students can sign up whenever they want to and start the course material right away. With classroom-based sessions, students will need to wait until you have a session running and then wait until that session starts, but eLearning means they can get started whenever they want to and don’t have to work their training around your course timelines.

Again, this means you are opening yourself up to a lot more customers as you can constantly have students signing up for your courses, whatever time of year is it! Students can even take eLearning during holidays, such as the summer break, where you may not be running any classroom-based sessions, so this will ensure you always have revenue coming in.

3. Cheaper to Manage

eLearning is traditionally cheaper to run than classroom-based sessions for many reasons:

  • You don’t need to book classrooms to use.
  • You don’t need to pay staff to run the classes.
  • You don’t need to prepare teaching resources such as print-outs and textbooks as everything is done online.
  • You don’t need to book additional things such as travel and caterings for students.

4. No Limit on Student Numbers

Students studying

Unlike classroom-based sessions where you are limited by the size of your classroom or the number of teachers you have, eLearning means you can run as many classes as you want and have as many students on each class as want to sign-up!

Again, this provides you with an unlimited amount of potential revenue, as you don’t have to cut your classes off when they hit a certain amount of students!

5. Free up Your Classrooms and Teachers

Choosing to run eLearning classes rather than classroom-based sessions means you don’t need any classrooms or teaching staff. However, this isn’t only great for cutting costs!

If you move all the courses that are suitable for eLearning online rather than doing them in the classroom, it means you free up lots of classroom and teacher resource, therefore allowing you to schedule more classes which need to take place in the classroom, such as practical lessons.

This means you can run a full catalogue of eLearning courses and improve your classroom-based course list at the same time, which opens you up to lots more potential customers!

6. Students Can Learn at Their Own Pace

eLearning is attractive to students who want to learn at their own pace rather than learn at a set pace with the rest of the class. Students who want to take their time, or complete the course in a quicker time than you would usually schedule will be more attracted to eLearning meaning you may attract students who wouldn’t be interested in doing classroom-based training with you.

7. Easy to Update Course Content


As all your eLearning content is based online, it means it’s straightforward to update and change where needed.

With physical class materials, you may have to print lots of documents out again and try to ensure that all your students were given the updated information every time, which can be time-consuming and costly.

However, if you need to make a change to your eLearning content, you can do that easily through your learning management system (LMS), and all the changes will be reflected instantly to all your students.

8. Easy to Track Student Progress

Using an LMS to run eLearning courses means it’s really easy for you to track how your students are doing and measure their interaction with the course.

This means you can easily log in and see how far students are into the course, the results of any assessments they have completed, if they are completing all the modules before they move on, and all other sorts of useful information you wouldn’t usually get.

9. Choose Between Custom and Off-the-Shelf Content

When it comes to creating content for your LMS you can either choose to create custom content yourself or buy off-the-shelf content from the third-party provider.

Custom content is great to ensure your students have a unique experience when they take a training course with you. It’s also great if you’re teaching a complex topic and want to include specific points that other providers may not cover.

However, if you want to provide a more general course, you can quickly and easily purchase off-the-shelf content and get your courses set up in no time!

You can also aim to create custom content for all your courses at some point in the future as well, and use off-the-shelf content in the meantime to give you time to create your custom courses.

10. Students Can Study Multiple Courses at Once


We’ve already mentioned that eLearning can be a great way of attracting far more customers than you would be able to with classroom-based sessions. Another way you ensure this is through the fact that students can sign up for multiple eLearning courses at once. This means you can get multiple purchases from the same person, which is fantastic as getting repeat business from a current customer is cheaper for you than acquiring new customers.

Because students can study in their own time don’t have to attend set sessions, they can study several topics at the same time with ease.

11. Useful for Students who can’t Attend in Person

Not everyone can attend classroom-based sessions, especially students who are working around a fulltime job or have childcare needs, so eLearning is the perfect learning medium for these students.

This means if your students are trying to attend training to further their career they can easily work this around their current work schedule and won’t have to worry about missing sessions in person.

12. Mini-Quizzes Check for Understanding

With eLearning, it is easy to run mini-quizzes throughout the course to check for understanding along the way. This lets the student see if they are grasping the course material and it allows you to track how well your course content is performing.

Rather than just having one big assessment at the end, mini-assessments give students the confidence that they are absorbing everything they are learning as they go along and they can feel prepared for the final assessment!

13. Content is in Easily Digestible Chunks

Students studying

Not every learning style likes to sit and be spoken to for extended periods of time. Classroom-based sessions also mean students can spend most of their time trying to take notes rather than understand the material.

eLearning is designed to be taught in easily digestible chunks, with courses broken up into modules, which are broken down into smaller elements like videos, slideshows, and quizzes. This allows students to study in small blocks and still steadily make their way through the course content.

14. Easy for Students to Recap Content

In a classroom-based session, if a student gets stuck on a particular topic, they may risk falling behind in the class, which can have an adverse effect on the rest of their training.

With eLearning, if a student gets stuck, they can spend as long on the difficult element as they need to understand it fully. It also means they can move on to a different section for a little while if they need a break, and then come back to the part that was giving them difficulty with a fresh outlook.

Finally, it means if students need a top-up before they sit their final assessment they can access all their course material and make sure they understand everything they need to.

15. Easy to Switch up the Content Included

eLearning courses are an excellent chance for you to mix up the way you deliver your content to your students. Everyones learns differently and so you may want to include lots of different content elements in your course to make it a different experience from classroom-based sessions where students usually sit and listen to an instructor talk for the whole session.

This could include using things such as videos, quizzes, slideshows, interactive videos, eBooks and resources for them to read, games, infographics, and simulations! Just pick whatever works best for your particular eLearning course!

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