The eLearning industry is always changing and evolving as new technologies are developed. In 2015 gamification was one of the most talked about learning concepts. It fast became one of the best tools in eLearning to grab students’ attention and get them really engaged with content. It's popularity is still present, and the use of game mechanics in eLearning will no doubt surge again this year, but what other trends will emerge in 2016?


Augmented Reality

Oculus Rift headset

For many people, the concept of ‘augmented reality’ will still conjure up memories of sci-fi novels and films. In fact, augmented reality has been introduced into the consumer space over recent years; firstly through games consoles and more prominently through the addition of wearable tech such as Google Glasses and the Apple Watch. Augmented reality will definitely enhance the user experience by immersing the student into a learning situation whereby they are able to interact with things around them – making them much more engaged than if they were reading from a text book or listening to a lecture.

This is an exciting time for augmented learning, with equipment such as the Oculus Rift being made commercially available, but also the emergence of more cost-effective methods such as Google Cardboard, which can turn your smartphone or tablet into an AR device for as little as $10.



Cloud Based Systems

Computer Keyboard

The use of The Cloud is growing in most industries as many businesses move away from the idea that it’s complicated to maintain and lacks in security. It’s predicted that by 2017 35% of new applications will be cloud based. When you think about what cloud technology has to offer, it’s no wonder that eLearning platforms are beginning to migrate – improved security, instant access wherever you are through a browser, and minimal start-up costs make it a perfect choice for many eLearning organisations. Administrate is very proud to be one of them!



Big Data

Laptop displaying analytics

Big Data will become more of a big deal in 2016. Big Data in this context refers to the data that learners create whilst working through their online training. This vast amount of data is then collected and can be analysed in more depth to offer more insight into the learner’s journey and the courses themselves. The information is received almost immediately and can be used to help course providers and eLearning professionals hone their craft and pinpoint areas that need to be improved upon. It also makes it a lot easier to track learner patterns and understand the eLearning process a lot more. We always try to be ahead of the trend here at Administrate as these insights are already available within our CRM system, but this year more organisations will follow suit to provide professionals with more of a comprehensive outlook that can be analysed.

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