Valentine's Day is just around the corner, what better time of the year to profess our love for our favourite way of learning! We’ve been advocates for a long time now, but we still get asked time and time again from potential customers “Why should we choose eLearning?”. Well, we’ll tell you.

Long Distance Relationship? No Problem.

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eLearning can take place anywhere, anytime. For some courses, there is no need for a physical classroom or a trainer to be present which makes it easier for those in remote locations to get access to training services. It’s also an advantage for internal training, as businesses can be confident that their staff are receiving the same standard of content consistently regardless of their location around the globe.


Cutting Down Costs


There are immediate cost-effective benefits when choosing eLearning. There are no travel or accommodation expenses, all course material is accessed online so there are no printing costs, and in some cases there is no need for a course instructor. eLearning can save businesses around 50% when they switch to eLearning, proving that it offers a viable economical alternative to traditional training.


Especially for You

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The learning journey can be as tailored as you need it to be. You can modify courses for different job roles or management tiers, provide access to specific course material depending on certain criteria and truly cater to the needs of your learners. Scenarios or examples that are part of the course can be customised to reflect any industry so they’re relevant to the learner. Tracking learner progress throughout the course is also a simpler task when you have the data in front of you, so it’s easier to spot if a learner is struggling.

Forget Me Not

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Stepping outside of a traditional learning setting can mean that learners retain more information. The use of many different teaching tools is encouraged in eLearning which means that courses are full of elements that are usually overlooked in a traditional classroom environment; such as quizzes, video content and interactive games. As previously mentioned, the content is available anywhere which makes it a lot easier for people to fit it around their own schedule. Learners tend to find these methods a lot more engaging, and if the content is delivered in easy to manage bite-sized chunks they're a lot more likely to retain that knowledge.


What is the thing you love the most about eLearning? Leave a comment and let us know!

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