At Administrate we believe that nobody is ever done with learning – this extends to include training providers and professionals! We thought we'd share some of the best resources that the training industry has to offer.


Training Zone

TrainingZone really is a one-stop-shop for training content. The site offers in-depth opinion pieces, blogs, news round-ups, podcasts and a great community section that’s bursting with questions and answers from regular contributors.

Content is divided into sub-categories such as ‘Culture’ and ‘Strategy’ so you won’t have to look far before you’ve found the content that is most relevant to you.

Recommended Reading:
Traditional workplaces are becoming a thing of the past, but what changes will 2016 bring? This piece on the modern office looks at workplace trends and how they’re effecting and exercising change over the office landscape.


Learning Solutions Magazine

Learning Solutions Magazine

This magazine is a publication of The eLearning Guild. All of the articles that have been published on this site are written by eLearning professionals – what better way to learn about new techniques than from your fellow (wo)man? There have been over 1000 submissions to the site covering everything from training strategies and social media to performance support and design tools. As well as articles, the site holds hundreds of eBooks on a variety of useful topics such as Tips on Using Media to Engage and Teach and Tips for eLearning Engagement and Interactivity.


Recommended Reading:
This article on Video for eLearning explains how to create effective video without breaking the bank and asks ‘Why doesn’t money buy engaging eLearning?’


Learning Rebels

Logo for Learning Rebels

The Learning Rebels blog delivers eLearning and training news with a personal touch. Shannon Tipton, self appointed Chief Learning Rebel, has a flare for bringing together key concepts in the industry together with her own experiences to create fantastically informative posts with a smatter of sarcasm and humour. Shannon is also dedicated to the practice of Kaizen, which is a Japanese model of continuous improvement – which matches one of our very own core values here at Administrate.

Recommended Reading:
Simplicity in Learning is a great starting point. Shannon talks about the beauty of simplicity and makes some pretty bold claims in the process (“L&D [departments are] still looking for the LMS that will do everything except wash your dishes”) She then goes on to provide some insight into what simplicity means in the wider industry and how it reflects on you and your business.


The eLearning Coach

The eLearning Coach logo

Connie Malamed is the eLearning Coach in question. She writes blogs and creates podcasts for trainers and designers alike. Each episode of her podcast features an industry expert – many of whom also contribute articles or blogs to sites such as Learning Solutions Magazine which was mentioned above. Each podcast page contains a summarised list of what was covered, which makes choosing an episode based on your current training interests a breeze.

Recommended Listening:
ELC 21: An Expanded View of Mobile Learning provides a fantastic introduction to Connie’s style and pace in a podcast. It covers some of the biggest mistakes that people make with mLearning and provides a platform for discussion around the future of mLearning – especially in the workplace.

The Pulse

Inside Higher Education

Rodney Murray heads up this podcast, which is focussed more towards eLearning technology. The episodes are a mixture of interviews with industry thought-leaders, re-caps of industry events and  advice based on his own learning experiences. Rod also chooses a track to complement each episode, whether it be an easy listening tune, brand new modern classical piece or a rock classic - there are no genre limits here!

Recommended Listening:
In episode #130 Rod puts together a compelling argument as to why everyone should learn to code. He speaks passionately about his own interests in coding and offers advice to anyone who wants to start, but might not know where to begin.

Did we miss out your favourite? Leave us a comment with your preferred place to find industry insight!