Are you thinking about implementing an online course booking system? If not, you should be. Our experience has shown there are clear and consistent benefits for training companies who provide an easy way to browse, select, and pay for courses online.

1. Easier for Customers

All other things being equal, most people prefer to book online. This is particularly true for prospects that find your courses via the internet. Most customers would rather choose their course, enter their details, and pay all in one transaction. If customers have questions, they may prefer to call, but booking and paying via a website is much quicker that dialling a number and waiting on hold.

2. Dynamically Update Your Website

Computer updating

Offering online course booking should mean that your website course listings are always up to date. Any decent system will provide a way for you to dynamically update your course listings on your website, preventing it from becoming stale. One thing to watch out for - if you've got another system that you use to manage your training, make sure you don't fall into the trap of having to enter your course listing in both systems - your website should be able to automatically pull the information from your training management system.

3. Run More Courses

We've found that training companies who choose to implement online course booking eventually end up running more courses, as they have much more time to research and provide new offerings. One of our customers doubled their profitability in under a year after revamping their website to let students book online.

4. Reduce Your Booking Costs

It's expensive to maintain phone lines, a call centre, raise invoices, and chase overdue payments. All of these things can be eliminated or reduced by having a well functioning website. You can reallocate your staff to doing more productive things when most of your students are registering online by themselves.

5. Receive Payment Up Front

Online payments

When you accept online payments, you get the cash right away instead of having to send out a manual invoice and chase payment. It's also more convenient for your customers as they don't have one more thing to do prior to taking the class. Cash flow will be immediately improved after implementing an E-Commerce option on your website. Any decent course booking system will provide several options for online payment processing.

6. Never Lose a Lead

Have you ever had the phone ring but been unable to answer it? Or is your training admin getting out of control? Within online course booking, you'll never lose a lead or miss critical information. All the information is right there with the booking record.

7. Serve More Customers

Odds are you could probably serve double the number of customers who service today if most of the interactions you had prior to the course were automated. Look at your website as an extension of your staff, and offload work you're doing manually today, while providing better more modern services.

8. Offer eLearning Courses

If you're interested in eLearning, taking online bookings is an absolute requirement. If you've ever wanted to offer eLearning education to your students but didn't know where to start, make sure you start with your website. It should be easy to add eLearning courses to your normal training sessions once you've got your website up and accepting orders.

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