As a regular feature our blog will include guest posts from different departments around Administrate including Account Management, Business Development, Customer Support, Development, Executives, and Account Executives, so you can get a real insight into how we work as a company.

When you first apply for a job with Administrate, you’re told right off the bat that it will be one of the hardest yet rewarding jobs you’ll ever have. I can already hear the cries of “Sure, if you say so,” or “How hard can it be dealing with customers?” If truth be told, I was one of those voices. After I interviewed for my position here, I went home and dissected everything which had been brought up in my interview. I had already worked in a similar role with my previous company, albeit in a different industry, but I knew the skills I’d picked up over the years were transferrable, so it was simply a case of learning about a new industry right? Wrong!


The world of training and education in which Administrate operates in was completely new to me. I was used to dealing with corporate HR departments, so I had to understand the world of training and education quickly. Not only was it a case of learning about a new industry, it was also learning about Administrate; how they operate, what they expect of their employees, how their customers operate their businesses, and perhaps most importantly, their values. We all know companies have values, or mission statements, but there are very few of them who stand by these statements. For a lot of companies it’s just a bunch of buzzwords that help to portray them in a certain way to the outside world. Here at Administrate, we live and breathe our values! They’re published on our website and as an employee those eight core values are drilled into you when you start with the company, and it is what drives you to do better than you did yesterday, and to constantly keep improving not only for your own personal development but also for your customers. If I’m not successful in my job then how can I help my customers to be successful?

Administrate is no place for someone who’s looking for an easy gig; who wants to come in and do the bare minimum just to get by. You need to constantly evolve, improve on yesterday’s performance, question why yesterday’s performance needs to be better, work as a team, push yourself to go above and beyond, and keep on going.

As part of our evolvement within Administrate and personal development we’re required to undertake some ‘homework’. This involves reading certain books that are relevant to our business and specifically to our job. Once we’ve completed the book we then have to submit a book report to our line manager to show what we took from the book and how much we enjoyed it.

Whiteboard planning

So why does professional and personal development, and having to read books, make working at Administrate one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs you’ll ever do? Sounds pretty decent doesn’t it?

This is actually where the job becomes hard but rewarding. Most people would find reading books that aren’t necessarily their choice to be tedious and feel as though they’re being treated like a school kid. Some may also resent having to do this additional work outside of their ‘working hours’. We all have commitments away from the office and we’re all striving to create the perfect work/life balance and not have these worlds blur into one another. It can also be tricky to achieve a certain level of self-reflection where you can objectively judge your own performance, be critical of it, and highlight the areas that you need to make some improvements in. Most people find this difficult as we don’t like to be criticised or think of ourselves as failing at something. We all want to believe that we’re doing the best job we possibly can. It’s so much easier to be critical of processes or of other outside influences rather than turn the looking glass on ourselves.

What about the rewarding part of the job? Well, the obvious answer is helping our customers to be successful but that really goes without saying. For me, the difficult parts of the job are the most rewarding, which sounds a bit odd I know but bear with me. There’s great satisfaction in overcoming something that you’ve found hard, that you’ve agonised over, or that’s pushed you out of your comfort zone, and knowing that you are capable of pushing yourself and have added another string to your bow. Add into the mix that there aren’t many employers out there who are keen to actively invest in their employees in terms of professional and personal development, who are positive in their encouragement towards their staff, and want to see us succeed in whatever we do both in the workplace and out.

Now, who wants to come work for Administrate?