We’ve just released an update to our Learning Management System user interface, available for all customers.  This update is includes two key improvements:

  1. A nice update to the visuals of our LMS.
  2. Significant enhancements to the underlying design and technology infrastructure, with a goal of making our LMS the most visually customisable on the market.

A Powerful Tech Stack, Built for Designers

We’ve updated the underlying User Interface to use Bootstrap 3, an extremely widely used and well regarded open source framework used throughout the rest of our product line.  We’ve also incorporated large improvements to the Cascading Style Sheet code used to position and style various UI elements and built a toolkit for designers that lets them use the powerful Less CSS pre-processor to make customisations easier and more uniform.

Now Even Easier to Customise!

All of this means that our LMS is even more mobile friendly, continues to be easy to customise for novices, and now includes a full suite of powerful, best of breed tools aimed at providing experienced designers and coders with unparalleled control.  Colours, buttons, icons, screen positioning, branding, logos and more can all be customised if desired.

We also think the update looks pretty good too!

Administrate LMS course details screenshot

Administrate LMS - Growing in Popularity and Used Worldwide

Since its release in the summer of 2013, our LMS has helped train thousands of students around the world, and has been garnering rave reviews from customers and industry observers alike, including a Top 10 Next Generation LMS award!  Some of the biggest brands in the training industry rely on our LMS to deliver their training every single day.