Transparency is one of our core values and something we're working hard to improve across the board.  We've made investments in documentation, published a detailed FAQ and pricing information, and launched a new service status page as part of our overall commitment to instilling trust in how we deliver Administrate to our customers.

A Public Product Roadmap

We're now bringing additional transparency to the evolution of our products and services by publishing our Product Roadmap.  Initially we'll be publishing our roadmap one quarter in advance, but as we improve we'll look to extend this to a two quarter horizon.  It's our goal to provide customers with visibility into our plans and clearly communicate where we think our software and services can improve.  There will be a secret project here and there, and it's important to understand that this is not an exhaustive listing of every initiative we're tackling, but we're confident this will provide a good rule of thumb.

1st Quarter 2013 Roadmap (January - March)

Learning Management System v2.0

We're very excited to announce we've been working on a significantly enhanced and expanded Learning Management System (LMS) which will be available for beta testing in the month of January, and ready for wide deployment by the end of the quarter.  Our current LMS, while enjoyed by many of our customers, does have some shortcomings around SCORM compatibility, and we've focused on making sure that all content that's SCORM 1.2 compatible plays without issue.  We're also expanding our student and instructor collaboration options and privacy controls to make your LMS a true collaborative asset.  Branding our LMS to match your colour scheme and look and feel will also be more flexible than ever.

Course Management and Event System Upgrades

Administrate is used by hundreds of users around the world in companies and organisations ranging from the very small to the very large.  These different use cases also have event management requirements that range from a need for strong centralised control to a more flexibility on a per event basis.  We've taken the experience we've accumulated over the last few years and begun investing in improvements to our core event system that will allow our clients to manage their events the way they want to.

This means improvements will be coming to:

  • Course Definitions
  • Event scheduling and being able to selectively override your Course Definitions
  • Support for advanced email and event workflows
  • Advanced pricing controls
  • Enhancements to the course and event calendar
  • Internationalisation and Multilingual support

There will be a lot more included in this as well, and we'll be communicating on these changes quite a bit as we go through them together.  We're very excited to improve this area and get your feedback.

Administrate WordPress Plugin v2.0

We'll be releasing a new version of our WordPress plugin which is currently undergoing beta testing with several clients.  This plugin turns your WordPress powered website into an online course booking machine, complete with options for accepting online payments.

Improvements to this version will include:

  • Support for more payment providers
  • Support for automatic updating of the plugin upon new releases
  • New calendar view of event offerings
  • More control over look and feel
  • "Abandoned Shopping Cart" analytics to see missed sales opportunities
  • Numerous bugfixes and minor enhancements.
  • Revamped Admin area

Stay Tuned!

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