Lets face it, it can be hard to find software that helps you run your training operation.  Many Administrate clients started out with custom built solutions designed to exactly fit the way their training business or internal training department operates.  We also often have customers comparing their internal solutions to what Administrate's training administration system can offer.  Here are some things to consider.

Why Did I Need Custom Software for My Training?

Most begin building their own training administration solution because they couldn't find anything that was specifically designed to fit the needs of training organisations.  While there are many solutions out there designed to accommodate pieces of a typical training administrator's workflow, there are very few systems that handle the needs of a training provider from beginning to end.  Some good examples of this are CRM packages, single event booking systems, and reporting tools - they're all important pieces to the process of training management, but they're just pieces.

There are plenty of reasons to be out there looking, but the most common reason for building a training management solution in-house is due to lack of acceptable alternatives.

How Expensive is My Current Training System?

Most underestimate how much they spend on their internal custom software.  We encourage you to take a look at your true Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by considering the following costs that are usually overlooked:

  • Operations: Servers, Hosting, Server Software, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, any Backup Systems.
  • Development: Specification, Developers, User Interface Design, Testing, Deployment.
  • Internal Staff: Time and labour invested by your staff or team members to discuss upcoming needs, developments, and challenges with the current software.
  • Project Management: Often this is an internal staff member, but it can be someone devoted entirely to the development and operation of the internal training administration systems.

We've never seen a single instance where the above costs have even approached 1/10th of the costs of running Administrate for a year.  In other words, Administrate has always been at least 10x cheaper than building and running your own training management system.  Does this surprise you? Check out our pricing and get in touch if you'd like information on how we estimate these costs.  We'd love to chat!

How Quickly Can I (Or Have I) Added New Capabilities?

Technology is changing rapidly along with your industry and business requirements.  One of the major factors motivating clients to switch to Administrate is the inability to change their internal systems fast enough in response to their needs.  It can take weeks, months or even years to release revisions to internal training products, and waiting isn't a luxury  available to most departments or companies.

Is My Current System Supported By World Class Engineering?

When speaking to prospective clients about the costs associated with running their own internal training administration system, we sometimes find ourselves in the middle of an uncomfortable moment when the prospective customer realises they haven't adequately prepared their backup and disaster recovery systems.

Administrate is supported up by world class engineers, data centres, security procedures, disaster recovery policies, and backup systems.  We worry about these details so you don't have to, as we do so in a very transparent way.  Visit our Trust Administrate page for more details on how we operate a fully redundant, completely separate datacenter, ready to go at a moment's notice!

Is Software Development Really My Business?

Did you really start your training business or internal training department with the goal of being in the software business?  Wouldn't you love to have a fully integrated training management system that you don't have to build or maintain?  How often in your life do you build software for yourself?  For most, the answer is "never."  Don't treat your business any differently.

Where Else Could I Spend My Time and Money?

Where else could you invest the money and time that's currently spent developing and maintaining your custom training administration platform?

  • What kind of marketing campaign could you run?
  • Could you revamp your website?
  • Hire more instructors?
  • Run more courses?
  • Develop your own courses?
  • What about repurpose your staff to making sure your operations run better?
  • Could you finally explore how your courses might be delivered via eLearning?
  • What about entering a new market in a different country using a different language?

Have You Accessed the Experience of Hundreds of the World's Best Training Providers?

Hundreds of people just like you login to Administrate every day.  Imagine all the great ideas you have for your internal training administration solution, multiplied and honed by hundreds of others from training companies, training departments, and educational institutions.  This is what it's like here at Administrate, where we get a front row seat to witness, discuss, and then implement the best and brightest ideas from our customers.

Administrate is Affordable Online Training Management Software

Our software was developed within a commercial training company and now is used by training companies and internal training departments around the world.  Every day we help our customers deliver hundreds of thousands of hours of eLearning, internal training, public courses, and in house training across an incredible variety of industries.

Learn more about Administrate:

  • We built Administrate just for Training ProvidersWatch our 3 minute video!
  • Trying Administrate is free - Just signup!
  • No contracts, nothing to install - We don't believe in locking you into long contracts or charging huge setup fees. There's also no software to install as our system is available online via the web.
  • Our implementation team helps you get going  - Our incredible implementation team will help guide you along every step of your journey towards a smoother running training operation.  Together we'll work to make sure your transition is as painless as possible.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Watch as Fadi Ganni, the CEO of Morgan International, talks about implementing Administrate and replacing their previous internal training solution.  Morgan International has offices in 30+ locations, across four continents.

"It was a nightmare to build our own system.  Development is not as easy as people... think it is. We were able to develop parts...but we didn't have a complete solution.  We had a lot of issues to tackle given the complexity of our business…the system rose to the challenge and was flexible enough to meet all those requirements."

Middle East based Morgan International has 200 employees in 30 locations running Administrate