With LITE only a week away, we thought we would focus on one of the most important things for your visit to Edinburgh – food. In Edinburgh, we’re pretty lucky to have a huge selection of weird and wonderful eateries, featuring food from all over the world and catering to every taste and dietary requirement.

We’ve picked ten of our personal favourite places to eat around the city to give you a starting point if you’re finding the choices overwhelming!

1. Paradise Palms

Paradise Palms is the perfect place to eat for all the vegetarians and vegans out there! The entire menu is meat-free, with delicious options like burgers, hot dogs, nachos, buffalo cauliflower, and mac and cheese!

2. Dishoom 

Dishoom is an Indian café/restaurant originally based in London that has made its way to Edinburgh! They serve food all day, every day, meaning you can get a bacon naan roll to start your day!

  • Websitehttp://www.dishoom.com/
  • Address – 3a St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, EH2 2BD
  • Google Maps directions from LITE 2018

3. Topolabamba 

Topolabamba serves delicious Mexican food, with a focus on street food, which is a great way to try lots of smaller portions of dishes in one sitting!

4. Illegal Jacks

If you fancy some Tex-Mex instead, Illegal Jacks is the place to head! They do amazing burritos, quesadillas, chilli, fajitas, tacos, and nachos! And to complete your visit to Scotland, you can even try a haggis (or veggie haggis) burrito, which is delicious. Trust us.

5. Bread Meats Bread 

If burgers, poutine, and massive sandwiches are your thing, then Bread Meats Bread is the perfect place to head. Despite having ‘meat’ in the name of the restaurant, they have a huge vegan and vegetarian selection, so there’s something for everyone!

6. Mamma’s Pizza

Mamma’s Pizza is a five-minute walk from our LITE venue and serves some of the best pizza around. You can create your own pizza from a massive list of toppings to make the perfect personalised pizza (garlic tomatoes, potato, and vegetarian sausages in case you’re wondering!).

7. Harmonium 

A little further afield, but if you like your vegan food then Harmonium in Leith is the place to go! Every single thing on the menu, including the drinks, are vegan. Everything is delicious, but you need to have the Pan Catalan for a starter, featuring vegan chorizo!

8. meltmongers

If you’re looking for something comforting to grab for lunch, meltmongers is an excellent choice. They serve grilled cheese sandwiches like you’ve never tasted before, and with more cheese than you probably thought was possible. 

9. Mimi’s Bakehouse

If you’re heading down to Leith, then Mimi’s Bakehouse is another great choice! They’re not just about cakes (though the cakes are spectacular) and do a full food menu as well! 

10. The King’s Wark

Our last choice is also down on the Shore in Leith and is a cosy pub with a fantastic menu. Fish-lovers should head here for a fantastic selection of local seafood.

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