What is Dogfooding?

In the software world you'll often hear the term "eating your own dog food" or "dogfooding" with reference to a company using its own product.  The origins of this term may have had roots in a series of 1980s Alpo dog food TV commercials where the  company made sure to point out that spokesperson Lorne Greene used the brand on his own dogs.  Or, it could have come from a rumour that the president of Kal Kan Pet Food used to eat a can of his own product at shareholder's meetings!  Whatever the origin, it was popularised in the 80s by Microsoft who challenged themselves to use their own products internally.  It's widely accepted that the best companies use their own software internally as a way to check quality, learn the common use cases, and deliver a better product.

We Dogfood at Administrate

Sometimes our customers are surprised to learn that we run our business on Administrate, but they shouldn't be!  We use the Administrate CRM, document management system, new marketing system, and as we start to run more events, we'll be using that more as well!  These features help us run our distributed organisation smoothly (just like our customers) without needing everyone to always be within the same office.

We like to think that using our own software and products keeps us grounded, humble, and brings to light very quickly areas where things don't work as well as they should.  It's important to us to make sure that usability or operational pain that our software causes is felt by us, just like our users.  We also happen to like many of the features (and the price point) of Administrate compared to what's out there for small companies like ours.

Our promise to our customers is we'll always use what we're selling (where it makes sense of course).  We believe this makes us better and our products better.