Please NoteThis is part of a series of posts about our New Marketing System for Administrate.  Our goal is to help training companies get more students booked onto more courses, without breaking the bank or talking to a techie!  For more about how Administrate helps you market your course offerings, click here.  

Training providers have rich databases of contacts, former students, clients, and partners.  Administrate's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) already helps training companies access that database in very powerful ways.  For example,  our powerful filtering system lets you slice and dice your data to produce  precise and up to the minute reports.   To grow your business, however, you need to leverage that database and turn it into a powerful marketing tool.

Does Your CRM Facilitate Marketing?

Marketing to your database can be a very time consuming and annoying process.  For example, in order to send an email marketing campaign, you have to create your list, export it to an email service provider, send the email, capture responses, then update your CRM system!  If this process isn't streamlined you can find yourself inundated with admin work to the point where many training providers forego this valuable marketing avenue!

Administrate, Now With Enhanced Marketing!

Administrate's new marketing system changes this dynamic by making all of the above simple, streamlined, and integrated.  We even take it beyond these mechanics by making it easy to manage your marketing budget and track your campaign metrics!

Easily Assemble Your Email List

Once you've built a marketing campaign, it's simple to add an Email Marketing Activity to your campaign.  Add the activity, define your goals, and now you're ready to segment your contacts into a list of recipients.  Add recipients either by directly importing them from a CSV file, or from a filtered group of contacts.  You can even add contacts and accounts one by one as you browse the system, ensuring no late additions are omitted.

Capture Opportunities Using Our Message Centre and Landing Forms, No Techie Required!

Once you have your list assembled, you'll want to define your opportunity capture method:

  1. Capture opportunities and interest from email responses, emailed back directly
  2. Use a Landing Form on your website or landing page for respondents to fill out

Opportunity Capture via Email Response

You may want responses to come back via email - if this is the case, make sure the email is sent with the return address of a mailbox that our Messaging Centre is monitoring.  Responses to that email address will be picked up by our Message Centre within Administrate and you can convert them to sales opportunities or bookings in seconds!

Opportunity Capture via Landing Forms on Your Website

Alternatively, you can build a landing form using Drag and Drop, and this form can be added to any website.  Simply build the form you need by adding fields such as "First Name", "Last Name", or "Email Address".  You can add custom fields as well to capture information that you might want in addition to regular contact information.  Once you're happy with your form, just copy and paste the single line of code into your website and the form will display!  Web designers can take the form and style it to suit, or it will match the current styling of your website automatically.  Responses to forms will arrive in our Messaging Centre for easy processing, with all your fields intact.

Send Your Email with an Email Service Provider

When you're ready to send your email, you can export your mailing list to an Email Service Provider (ESP) like MailChimp in just one click.  Email service providers make sure your emails don't get caught in spam filters, give you great reporting and stats, and mean you don't have to mess with time consuming and error prone mail merges.  They also provide nice email friendly templates to save time and cost on custom email designs.  Just remember that spamming recipients using a bought list isn't allowed by these providers, and isn't something we recommend anyway.  MailChimp, one of our integrated partners, is free to try out as well!  Just signup for MailChimp, enter your API key, and you're ready to go!   Once an email campaign is sent from MailChimp, any bounces or unsubscribes to your list will be reported back from MailChimp to Administrate, no manual updating required!

Track Your Progress

Once you've sent your email, Administrate will communicate with MailChimp to import relevant statistics like number of recipients, opens, and clicks, and if an opportunity arrives within the Messaging Centre, Administrate will record it against your marketing campaign!  All marketing activity is recorded against accounts and contacts including which campaigns were sent, unsubscribes, and enquiries for you to see in the future!