Our new filter system is a great way to access the important business data that lives within Administrate.  You can build complex queries and finely tune how you want your data to be displayed.  Once you have everything set the way you like it, you can save the report for later use!  Here's a quick walkthrough of how it works.

Decide Which Data you Want

These can be complex queries involving groups and many conditions to really drill down on exact data that you’re looking to extract.  Alternatively, it could be simple data without any conditions to grab all of the data for the page in question.  If you wanted to download and backup all your contacts, you don't add any conditions, and proceed to step two - this tells the system to ‘give you everything’ because you're ‘filtering with no conditions’.

Decide Which Columns You Want to See

This is handy for building custom reports that you want to save or just making sure you get everything you need.  If you want to just display names and email addresses, then that’s all you’ll see.  If you want more comprehensive filtering, then you can select as much or as little information as you require.

Choose the Default Sorting to Make Sure Your Data is Organised the Way you Want it

You can save your sorting requirements as your default to make sure that every time you search, the results appear the same way every time.  This will save you time rearranging columns into the order that you want them to appear after you export them, meaning that they’re already set up in your chosen way. There’s no need to repeat the sorting process multiple times! This new process really allows you to explore new and more tailored ways of gathering the exact data that you need, making data filtering simpler.

Additional Tips and Reminders

  • Save reports by clicking on "Save" and naming it. Reports are saved for all users in the system.
  • We're constantly adding new fields!
  • Quickly export anything in several different formats by clicking the "Export" button.
  • Custom fields are automatically added to your filter criteria.

If you want to keep up-to-date with all the changes we make to our reporting system, then head over to our reporting page to see the latest features we've added!