Finance Talking has a mission of making financial markets, accounts, corporate finance and valuation accessible to all. They use Administrate to help run courses and training programs all over the world is a breeze with from their headquarters in the UK.

Website Integration with Administrate Makes the Difference

With training courses ranging from senior management coaching to graduate programs, FinanceTalking has built a thriving organisation and is continually launching courses in new international locations. Using our Application Programming Interface (API), Finance Talking has linked their public website to their backend processed managed by Administrate.

Course Listing and Bookings via the Administrate API

This means that their website and Administrate instance are fully integrated for course listings and bookings. When course details are added or updated within Administrate, they seamlessly appear on the website. Users who book via website are handled by Administrate's order processing feature to quickly process the incoming request and book them onto the course.