Did you know that we send over 50,000 emails a month on behalf of our clients? That saves 75,517 sheets of paper (or 9 trees) each month. Environment, you're welcome.

Communication is an art form. "The act of conveying intended meanings", according to Wikipedia. "The act of being successful in training", according to us. Good training demands good communication as ultimately, this defines whether your students are going to get value from your training. Even the highest quality training can fail to reach it's audience. Put simply, if students are not listening or interested, they aren't going to learn - or recommend your training to others. We've covered how you can make training more fun and engaging, so now let's focus on how to deliver our training in the most effective way.

Art of good communication

Once upon a time...

Communication Story

Everyone's seen Friends, right? A bunch of fun loving amigos, who get involved in all sorts of adventures and drama. That's how we like to think about Microsoft Office. Word married Powerpoint, then Outlook ran off with Access. Poor old Excel just couldn't find a long term partner. It was great, and trainers around the globe rejoiced at every new episode (or appearance of Clippy). Sadly, something drastic happened. The 90s came to an end.

All of a sudden, there was a host of products and services that tackled every need a training company could have. Bit by bit, the show started to move on, until one day it felt like the producers stopped caring. There's nothing wrong with a spreadsheet, but all too often they end up cluttered, unused, or lost in the void. Is that enough to manage your training? We don't think so. Sooner or later we have to ask ourselves - is this really the best we can do? Is there not a better way?

We can keep the Microsoft Office box set, and it'll be there for us (when the rain starts to fall...). But can you afford to always be stuck in second gear, when there's so much more out there to explore?

A Communication Breakthrough!

Just as Netflix and Amazon Prime have disrupted the box set, the same is true for training communications! All of a sudden (actually it took us a few months) a new kid on the block emerged...automated communications, using communication triggers! This offered our customers a new way to get in touch with learners. Communication triggers mean that you can target the right person, with the right message, at the right time. Whether it's a student, instructor, or administrator, you can tailor your communication channels to suit the recipients. Administrate enables you to message by email and SMS, allowing you to maximise the reach of your message (do your current methods get a 98% open rate?).

Planned vs. Panic

Communications can be planned, or triggered by events (like a new student signing up to a course). This means that you can craft unique messages for each circumstance, and deliver a higher level of customer engagement. You can also create and use templates in order to ensure a consistent message and brand voice. Never again will you have to worry about content when you're on holiday - you can have it all set up before you go! Being able to prepare your triggers and associated content also enables you to plan for the worst case scenario - need to cancel a session at short notice? Build your email and SMS templates, and have them send the very moment an event is called off!

Why would you want to trigger communication about negative events? Because believe it or not, there's real value in letting a customer know when things go wrong. Research into the service recovery paradox shows that customers who receive poor service and have their issues resolved display greater satisfaction and loyalty than those who don't. Couple this with the fact that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by over 25%, and the value of a service recovery tool becomes clear. Through automated communication triggers, you're not only saving time, you're generating profit while delivering better service.

Multiple Touchpoints

Multiple Touchpoints

As training companies evolve, it's important to bridge the gap between digital immigrant and digital native. The value of an effective engagement strategy has never been higher, with research group McKinsey showing that companies with a high number of digital touchpoints convert sales at a 2.5x higher rate than competitors. To increase your touchpoints, customers need to be contacted across multiple channels at the optimal time. Here's just one way you can achieve this through Administrate:

  • Create email templates for your most common sends.
  • Define a delivery schedule. For example, arrange a SMS text 2 days before the event.
  • Administrate sends the emails and tracks the receipt, whether the customer opens the email, and whether they click on any links you’ve included.

Of course, you're not only driving revenue - the time savings really start to add up. Let's say you send 7 communications to each student you encounter, from the welcome email, to end of course. At 3 minutes per email, try and tackle the following tasks:

  • Find your template you’ve saved, or create an email.
  • Fill in all the blanks from your CRM or Excel spreadsheets.
  • Grab the correct email address.
  • Quickly double check for errors.
  • Send the email.
  • Handle bounces.

How long do you think it would take? We've done the maths, and to send 7 communications to 10 students on 10 courses would take 35 hours!

That's almost the entire workload of one employee for a week! Surely there's a better use of their time? In fact, we know there is - check out how Administrate helped Lo Wright accelerate her training career.


Through Administrate's best in class content delivery, you can keep instructors and learners on target and engaged. Mixing your communication channels means that recipients are up to date with the latest information, and receiving high quality service. Not only does this help with customer retention, it also aids growth through acquisition - two key drivers of training company growth. Finally, through automated communications you empower your employees to take on more valuable projects, improving staff morale while reducing staff turnover. Not a bad list of benefits for effective communication, right?

Ready to automate your communication? Experience Administrate today, and start your free trial by clicking here.

Art of good communication

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