Administrate customer learndirect is a highly successful training provider, providing qualifications in everyday skills like math, English, IT, work-based skills and qualifications, apprenticeships, and higher-level professional qualifications.

Reach and Location

Since the launch of its brand in 2000, learndirect’s number of courses and learners have shown continued growth – it’s already supported over 4.5 million people in gaining the skills they need for work. For learndirect, managing and understanding its extensive pool of students is key to its continued success. As Abhishek Zaveri, MI Manager at learndirect, observes;

"If you can measure something, you can manage it. You can see how your business is performing and what areas you need to focus on."


In early 2013, the partnership between Administrate and learndirect began. Initially, learndirect used Administrate successfully as a scheduling tool. However, after passing 200 active Administrate users, it soon became clear that there was an opportunity to expand the relationship.

learndirect required a tool for reporting, but also a way to actively manage their learner records. This meant they needed to track opportunities and scale their training in a way that was accessible and effective. The process of getting learndirect up and running was swift, with additional custom development projects moving from inception to full implementation in under six months.

Together, Administrate and learndirect had created and implemented a solution that enabled effective reporting and sales tracking. But with over 20 key sites across the UK, would Administrate prove to be a scalable solution?

Scale and Scheduling

"Tying the sales modules with communication triggers is a really powerful tool...We process around 30,000 records per year, and I can see the sales opportunities generated"

Combining key elements of the Administrate platform, learndirect was able to rapidly manage, interpret, and act upon a sizable data set.

Users across their sites felt comfortable and confident in creating reports on their own, unrestricted by their location. Being able to use Administrate to link appointments to calendars saved time and provided a single point of reference for the team.

learndirect administrate calendar

Abhishek spoke highly of the support that he received during the development phase.

"Support has been really good, responsive and flexible."

Now that Administrate had enabled more communication, there was a responsibility to manage it. This goal was achieved through improvements in three key areas:

1. Time Management

Being able to use Administrate to link appointments to calendars saved time and allowed the team to easily see what was scheduled at a glance, creating an efficient and effective operation across all levels of the company.

2. Clear Workflows

Delivering an effective process enables users to track, manage, and progress learners. In turn, this leads to more time savings and a greater comprehension for the learner. From here, learndirect will be able to grow and increase productivity by using the segmented and customizable sales data that is now available to them through Administrate. Learn more about our sales system here.

3. Task Management

Managing learners and getting them to the right place is key, as is knowing who is responsible for these tasks. Administrate’s clear and concise training management platform allows for easy allocation of tasks and collaboration within the team, encouraging issue ownership and reduction of inefficiencies or duplications of work. Administrate’s unique platform allows companies to maximize their budgets with powerful and effective resource management tools.


"The reporting is robust, flexible, and allows us to create custom reports...A powerful tool to measure and manage the business."

Often with scaling in decentralized organizations, consistencies in best practices, content, and standards can be lost. Administrate’s training management platform can duplicate and automate tasks, which allows for consistency and increased efficiency.

Methods and Channels

"Administrate helps us see where people are booked, what courses need filled, assess locations and manage them.”

Through Administrate, learndirect can track their learners, engage with them in new ways, and deliver content through multiple channels. Having added SMS to their communications, learndirect are now positioned to communicate in the way that works best for each individual. This carries the benefit of being able to manage individual courses quickly and clearly.

Moving Forward

learndirect is one of the UK’s largest providers of skills, training, and employment services, and we value their contribution to our continuing development process.

"I'd definitely recommend Administrate to my industry colleagues and peers"