Here at Administrate, one of our main aims is to save our customers as much time as possible. By giving our customers the ability to setup automatic emails and process their bookings and registrations quickly and easily, as well as letting them keep all their documents in one place online, we save our customers loads of time every month!

While we know that we save our customers a lot of admin time, we thought we would take a look other ways our customers save by using Administrate. With all those automated emails and keeping a lot of the work online instead of printing it off, it's clear one things we're savings lots of is paper! By keeping as many tasks and processes as possible online, we're not just saving our customers paper, we're also saving them printing and shredding time, as well as helping them save water!

If you want to see exactly how much we help our customers save every single month then check out our handy inforgraphic below so you can see how those numbers really add up!

Click here to see the full animated version.

How Much Paper Do We Save Our Customers Every Month