In the past we've talked about how important it is for a teacher to make sure their students stay motivated during their class, but what about staying motivated outside the classroom? All the teacher's best intentions could end up going to waste when a student is left to their own devices, and a lack of motivation could lead to poor work and missing deadlines.

Keeping yourself motivated to make sure you set aside time to study and complete your work to the best of your abilities can be challenging sometimes, but with a little extra effort, you should be able to keep up the same level of enthusiasm whenever you sit down to study.

We have some great ideas for how to keep yourself motivated when you study, so you know you're always producing the best work possible and truly focussing with your full attention.

Plan Your Time


We've talked before about how important making a study plan can be, and this is especially important if you just don't get excited about having to sit down and study. It could be that a particular class or a subject just gets you down, which is never a good frame of mind to be in if you're trying to focus.

If you have a particular assignment that you just can't look forward to, it's a good idea to plan how your going to use your time as effectively as possible. Do you have a time of the day where you feel you study your best? Why not use that time to focus on the most challenging piece of work you have? If you're really focussed and in the zone, spending a chunk of time on that tough piece of homework could see you coming to grips with it while you brain feels it's in study mode already.

Additionally, if you know one piece of work is quite draining to complete, why not draw up a study timetable and try and split up the work as much as possible. If you don't enjoy working on something, you're not going to want to sit and spend hours on it, but you also don't want to be putting it off all the time. Try and mark out small chunks of time, several times throughout the week, so you can make progress on it little and often. Planning this style of studying out also means you can make sure you have enough time to get the assignment complete before the due date, so you don't have to stress about cramming at the last minute.

Planning out the work you want to do can also allow you to sandwich the work you feel less excited about with the things you really enjoy doing, so you don't feel totally unmotivated about studying. If you aim to do something you really enjoy doing after a little bit of something you find more challenging, it should be easier to be more excited about your study session than it would be if you knew you were only doing work you find quite challenging.

Think About Your Goals


If you're feeling particularly disheartened with your studying, it could help to think about the bigger picture and what you're aiming towards in the long run to help you stay motivated. While you might not be all that interested in one specific essay, you obviously want to complete your training or education in the end, and that one piece of work is one of the many stepping stones you need to use to meet your end goal.

Think about how silly it would be to jeopardise your entire training or even degree because you don't really feel like doing one piece of coursework. Even if you don't feel totally motivated to do that one piece of work, hopefully the overall motivation you have to complete your training in full should help you keep more focused and see the bigger picture.

Whenever you are feeling down about something you doing, think about the job you're aiming for in the future after you gain your degree, or the promotion you might want to aim for when you've completed your workplace training, and it should help keep you on the right path.

Balance Work and Life

Studying on bed

One thing that can really eat away at your motivation to study is thinking about what else you could be doing, perhaps something that you like the sound of a lot better. Whether this is relaxing at home, hanging out with friends, or just spending some time on social media, it can be easy to get distracted and lose your motivation for the work you're trying to complete.

This is another reason that a study plan is such a great idea. You can clearly plan out all the time you need to spend studying, and then you are left with the rest of the time to do what you want. This means you can see that youR whole life isn't taken up with studying, and you do actually have a lot of free time, you just need to make the most of it when you get it.

Another good idea can be to block out any distractions which may make you feel like you're missing out while you're studying. If you sit down for a study session it could be a good idea to do things like turn off your mobile phone and sign out of social media. If you check your texts while you're studying and see an invitation from one of your friends, you may automatically lose your motivation for the task as you wish you could go and spend some time with your friends. This is a waste of your study time as you won't get anything done if you're wishing you were somewhere else, so you might as well have just given up and gone with them in the first place.

By not giving yourself the chance to see things like this which will make you wish you were somewhere else or doing something else, you should be able to stay focussed on your studying for the whole time you've set aside. Then once you're finished all your work, you'll be able to spend time with your friends, totally guilt free.

It's important to find the balance between work and your social life to make sure that you're doing enough work, and a high enough quality of work, to help you continue on your studies, but also make time for fun once the hard work is out of the way.


It can be easy to lose your motivation with studying if you feel it's taking over your life, or if you're currently working on something which you don't enjoy, but it's important to stay focussed as much as possible. Some pieces of work may be particularly taxing, or you may see them as quite boring, but they all add up in the end so that you can complete the training or education course that you picked for yourself.

If you lose your motivation you are only hurting yourself, so it's important to take the time and make the effort to find a technique that works for you, and keeps you focussed on the task at hand.