Administrate's user interface is undergoing a much needed overhaul, bringing new and improved features to our customers. In the next few weeks you will start to see some changes to how the software looks that will make our users' lives a bit easier.

Improved Navigation and Masthead

First up, the masthead and menu bar have been upgraded, changing the colour and size of both the text and the background to make it easier to navigate.  The content on screen has been centred to improve visibility, changing from a left aligned arrangement.

Now Supporting Tablets and Phones

The menu navigation has been configured to support tablet and phone devices like the iPad and iPhone that operate without a mouse.  In an easy one-tap motion, the menu drops down and a further tap will select the item that you’re looking for.

We think these little tweaks are the things that make all the difference when navigating a system every day.  These changes will be going live over the coming weeks and we would welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions so get in touch.