Each summer we welcome a couple of interns to join the team here at Administrate, usually on the technical team, but also in the marketing team this year. They arrive in June, work until September, get paid a salary, and are treated as full team members with real responsibility for real projects.

If you’re interested in an internship position at Administrate, make sure you check in with us in the early part of each year when we’re interviewing candidates for the upcoming summer.

As my time with Administrate draws to a close, I sit here and wonder how 12 weeks have passed me by so quickly. It feels like only yesterday that I first walked nervously into the offices not knowing what to expect. However, all those nerves were for nothing, as within the first hour the butterflies in my stomach seemed to settle down as I got used to my new surroundings for what would turn out to be an amazing 12 weeks!

Administrate is located within CodeBase and you really get the startup feel the minute you walk into the building, although from the outside it looks quite old and lifeless, this is not the case inside! With brightly coloured walls, and an unexpected beach meeting area on floor J, the whole building certainly oozes creativity.

One thing that was made clear from the outset is how important values are to Administrate and the entire team. Sharing the same office as the company’s CEO John Peebles really showed me that the person at the helm of the company leads by example by radiating the Administrate ethos and core values in everything they do, so the rest of the company has a great example to follow.

Not long after I started, myself and the other new starts sat down for a couple of hours with John so he could explain a bit about Administrate and its values, as well as where he foresees the company going in the future. John explained that he saw the Administrate team as more of a professional sports team, relying on each other to be successful. I thought this was a great analogy and really summed up the company nicely.

Sticky Notes

I was quickly told what would be expected of me throughout my internship, giving me the chance to really hit the ground running. On a day-to-day basis Egle, Administrate’s Graphic and Web Designer, gave me tasks to complete, which helped her tick off a number of tasks the marketing department needed to complete. Egle was the biggest help I could have asked for, not only by reviewing my work frequently, but also by helping me to see how to plan and execute my work in a more effective manner. She also helped me to see where my weaknesses were so I could improve my game, as well as the level of work I was producing.

My internship meant I got to work on a number of different projects, with the main focus being landing pages that needed to be ported over from the old style of branding, and corresponding flyers that needed to be made to match the landing pages that I designed and coded. I also worked on smaller projects, such as email templates and PowerPoint presentations, as well as being given the chance to come up with icons that were going to be used in future projects Administrate are branching into (pictured below). This was one of my favourite projects as I was told that I could think outside of the box a bit more than I had in previous projects and it involved quite a lot of concept generation, research, and illustrating.

David's icons

However, I didn’t spent all my time at Administrate just working on design tasks, as the company as a whole are very into furthering your knowledge and skills. In my first week I was given access to a TeamTreehouse account so I could spend a little time each day improving my skills and learning new ones. When I teamed this with the practical knowledge I gained from Egle and the projects she asked me to complete, I felt I learned a huge amount!

I initially applied for the internship with a completely warped idea of what it was going to be about, as you always hear horror stories of internships where all you do is make coffee and look after the post. However, with Administrate I have learned and grown more in 12 weeks than I think I have in my whole time at university. I not only learned practical skills that will set me up for the working world, but I have also learned how to organise myself better, as well as how to find the best approach when tackling problems related to my work. Working with Administrate has also taught me that work doesn’t have to be a monotonous chore, it can also be fun, fulfilling, and make you excited to get out of bed in the morning!

I go back to university for my final year with a new arsenal of skills and a new outlook on how to set up and complete projects to a higher standard than I would have been able to achieve without my time here at Administrate. They have given me insights into what skills I want to learn next and what I should be working on to make myself more employable, as well as how to make that step from university into the working environment as seamless as possible.

I look back at my time here with a sense of achievement and gratitude towards the team at Administrate for having me. You guys rock!