We’re all about saving you time here at Administrate, and our recent release does just that. We’ve introduced new functionality on the most actively used area of the platform - the Events system. Customers are already telling us it’s shaving hours off their course setup time. Read on to discover a few of the highlights...

Event Duplicator

Event duplicator

The new Event Duplicator lets you make a copy of an event. This means if you have multiple similar classes then you don’t need to input the same information twice. You’ll be able to specify the date on which the new event takes place, and any associated sessions will adjust accordingly.

Resource Availability


If it turns out the Instructor or Resource you had for that class is not available on the date of the copied event then we’ll let you know. That way you can make adjustments to ensure everything is readily available.

Course Content

Course Template

Similarly, you now have the ability to upload LMS content and Documents to your Course Template. This means that you can have the same Documents and LMS content filter down to classes associated with this course. No need to spend time individually adding them.

Approved Instructors

Approved instructors

Do you have a large database of Instructors and need a tool to help assign appropriate instructors to courses? With our new Instructor selection screen you can quickly locate qualified instructors, or those which fit the budget. This will ensure that on arranging classes only most relevant staff are involved.

Auto-Generated Workflows

Auto-generated workflows

You probably have a similar administrative setup to-do list for each course that you introduce. Now you can apply that task workflow to your courses, so you’ll never forget an important piece of work.

That’s just some of the meaty stuff, you’ll notice other time-saving tweaks along the way. As usual, thanks for helping us to be always improving by giving us your feedback!