What if software could help you run your training business?  Prevent mistakes, save you time, and assist with your workflow?

Quality CISCO Training from Cyprus

Frederick University CISCO Networking Academy, part of the worldwide CISCO Networking Academy Program, has found Administrate to be just that kind of software.  Hailing from the beautiful island of Cyprus, Frederick University provides a host of CISCO certifications that help graduates keep the very foundation of the internet running.

Public Courses Mean Lots of Work

"Currently, 100% of our training courses are public events," says Director George Pratsos.  Public courses means a lot of event management particularly around the Sales workflow of managing an opportunity all the way to sending a final invoice.

Administrate Integrates My Entire Workflow

George greatly appreciates how his software now fits his business.  He says, "Administrate integrates my entire business workflow and eliminates duplicate data entry.  I love how lean this process is  - it literally takes me a few seconds and about 2-3 clicks!"

Since the "very easy rollout" of Administrate, he's found even more benefits to list: "It provides clear financial reports, helps me keep on top of debtors, means less work, and ultimately means I don't miss anything!"

Customer support is excellent, according to Mr. Pratsos, and he wouldn't hesitate to recommend Administrate to any training provider looking to save money, time, and increase business visibility.