And we're back for our recap of the second day of LITE 2017! After the excitement of day 1, everyone was raring to go for day 2 and see what amazing talks and workshops would be on offer!

Day 2 Schedule

For day 2 we kept with our two tracks of speaker presentations and workshops, as well as lots of one-to-one sessions with our customers! Day 2 featured a lot more speaker presentations from guest speakers, including CloudShare, MetaDigital, ForgeRock, University of York, and Skyscanner!

Troy Michels (Administrate) – The State Of The Product

LITE 2017

Troy from out Product team gave our audience an insight into the current state of Administrate as a product, and what sort of things we have coming up in the future.

Iain Brown (Administrate) + Paul Bell (Administrate) – All About the Administrate API

LITE 2017

Iain and Paul, two members of our Development team, took the audience through what the Administrate API is, why we’ve chosen to use it, and why our customers should be using it as well!

Lee Berkman (CloudShare) – The Digital Nomad and Other Cases for Virtual Labs

LITE 2017

Lee Berkman from CloudShare was back for a second day, and this time it was to give us specific examples of how to use CloudShare’s virtual labs in the real world. You can see all the details from CloudShare’s integration with Administrate over on our integrations page.

John Peebles (Administrate) – Trends We’re Seeing within the Training Industry

LITE 2017

One of our most popular talk of day 2 saw our CEO John Peebles talking about Trends We’re Seeing within the Training Industry, allowing our attendees a sneak peek at some trends they might want to adopt for themselves to stay up to date within the industry.

Lo Wright (ForgeRock) + Rachel Cullivan (University Of York) – Fireside Chat – How Administrate Has Helped Their Business

LITE 2017 

John also hosted our fireside chat with Lo Wright from ForgeRock and Rachel Cullivan from University of York. This informal chat allowed John to ask two long-time customers of Administrate how we’ve helped their very different businesses.

Jesse Vernon (Administrate) – How to Improve ILT with eLearning

LITE 2017

Jesse from out Sales team showed us that instructor-led training and eLearning don’t need to be separate, and how you can actually improve your ILT offering by using eLearning as well.

Bob Sabra (Administrate) + Layal Alawar (Administrate) – Best Practices With Online Courses, Bookings and Payments

LITE 2017

One key feature of Administrate is the fact we give our customers the ability to sell their courses online, and have all the information link up with Administrate so it’s really easy to keep track of and make changes. Bob and Layal talked our audience through all the best practises when it comes to selling your courses online, taking bookings, and receiving payments from your customers.

Lee Berkman (CloudShare) + Troy Michels (Administrate) – A Day in the Life of a Highly Integrated Training Scenario

In Lee’s final talk of LITE 2017, he teamed up with Troy from Administrate’s Product team to talk about how to use CloudShare and Administrate together to get the best results.

Ryan Cochrane (Administrate) – How to Create Content that Converts to Leads

Ryan from our Marketing team delivered this talk which focussed on how we create content based on the customer ‘personas’ we want to target with each piece, which will hopefully ensure we bring in as many relevant leads as possible.

John Macfarlane (Metadigital) – API Integrations

LITE 2017

We were delighted to welcome another LITE sponsor for a speaker talk on day 2. John Macfarlane from Metadigital talked about the API integrations that they have built over time for Administrate customers such as Kentec Training!

Gilles Bell (Administrate) – Designing and Implementing a Communications Strategy

LITE 2017

Gilles from our Account Management team discussed some tips on Designing and Implementing a Communication Strategy, including making sure you don’t overload your recipients, and analysing what happens after you send your communications with things like clicks, likes, and opens.

Thom Shurrock (OpenTable) – Online Experimentation

LITE 2017

Thom Shurrock from OpenTable's talk on Online Experimentation showed us how to make sure we are continuously improving our web design. Basically, lots of testing with lots of different options will allow you to see what are the best options for your online offering!

Bob Sabra (Administrate) – How to Organise a Multiregional Training Company

Bob Sabra from our Beirut office has a lot of expiereince working in multiregional training environments, as before he came to Administrate he worked for our customer Morgan International! His talk How to Organise a Multiregional Training Company gave an exclusive insight into what it takes to make this type of training company successful.

Sarah Freestone (Skyscanner) – Information Sharing at Skyscanner – What Works, What Doesn’t, and Lessons Learnt

LITE 2017

Sarah Freestone, Principal Internal Communications Manager at Skyscanner, gave us some insight into what managing HR and internal comms in a large company is like.

Natasha Serafimovska (Administrate) – Key Financial Reports for Training Companies

LITE 2017

As we said yesterday, our reporting system is one of our most popular features, and Natasha’s talk showed our customers how they could use Administrate to create the most helpful financial reports for their business.

John Peebles (Administrate) – The Road Ahead

LITE 2017

Administrate CEO closed LITE 2017 with his talk The Road Ahead, which covered how far Administrate has come since last year, and also all the goals and targets we have for the upcoming year, including getting started on the planning for LITE 2018 straight away!

LITE Closing Party

LITE 2017

To close out LITE 2017 we held a little party in the Administrate offices, featuring some amazing tunes, tasty pizza, and some hard-earned drinks for our Administrate team and the attendees.

A Big Thanks to Our Sponsors!

We'd like to finish by saying a huge thank you to all the sponsors of LITE 2017 - CloudShare, Search Consultancy, Elucidat, and Metadigital!

Thanks to everyone who made it along, we can't wait to see you all at LITE 2018! Stay tuned for details!