And we're back for day two of LITE 2018! After our historic pub tour on Thursday night, there may have been some slightly tired attendees for the second day, but everyone was still ready for another full day of learning (and the after-party afterwards!)

Day Two Schedule

The Impact of AI on Education - John Peebles (Administrate)

LITE 2018

In the opening session of day two, John Peebles talked us through the impact AI is having on education, focussing on the injection of artificial intelligence in collecting data about learning behaviour since the beginning of a person's learning experience in high school, through college and university.

Customer Empathy and Quality Support - Craig Lynagh (Administrate)

LITE 2018

Understanding your customers is vital to ensure you're providing the best support possible, and Craig Lynagh from our Support teams talked as through exactly why customer empathy is so important.

The 3 Things to Look for When Recruiting Instructors - Patrick Flanagan (Administrate)

LITE 2018

Knowing what to look for in the ideal instructor is essential when it comes to hiring new instructors for your training organisation. Patrick Flanagan took us through the top three things you need to keep an eye out for!

Administrate - Enterprise - Gilles Bell (Administrate)

LITE 2018

In this session, Gilles Bell showed us exactly how Administrate can work for larger-sized training providers.

How to Deliver Great Courses in Classroom, ILT, VILT, and Blended Environments - Vicky Kavanagh (Administrate)

LITE 2018

We recognise that not every training provider delivers their training in the same way, and so Vicky Kavanagh talked us through how to deliver your courses in a number of different ways - all of which Administrate's training management system supports!

Creating and Using SCORM content - Gilles Bell (Administrate)

LITE 2018

In his second session of the day, Gilles Bell gave a brief demonstration of how to create SCORM content using Administrate partner Elucidat!

Visual Storytelling for Training and eLearning Content - Sandy Rushton (BrightCarbon)

LITE 2018

We were super excited to have Sandy Rushton from BrightCarbon present at LITE, and she gave our audience some tips on how storytelling and visualisation can make eLearning content more effective.

A Deep Dive Into Our Reporting System - Jesse Vernon (Administrate)

LITE 2018

Our reporting system is one of our most well-loved features in Administrate, and Jesse Vernon gave us some insight into all of its features.

Why Most Training Provision Today is Dull and Irrelevant... and How to Fix It! - Graham David (Blue Beetle Productions Ltd)

LITE 2018

Graham David from Blue Beetle Productions Ltd talked about how a lot of training today isn't fit for purpose and gave us tips on how to improve training delivery going forward.

A Deep Dive Into Communication Triggers - Terry Woods (Administrate)

LITE 2018

Communications triggers are another feature that we love at Administrate, and Terry Woods gave us a walkthrough of how to use them and everything they can do for your training business.

Key Tools and How to Use Them to Grow Your Business - Patrick Flanagan (Administrate)

LITE 2018

With so much information and opinions out there it can be difficult to know what tools work when it comes to scaling your business, so Patrick Flanagan picked the tools you need that actually work!

How to Use Scoring Templates to Track Academic Performance - Siobhain Murdoch (Administrate)

LITE 2018

Siobhain Murdoch showed us how you can use scoring templates to track your student's overall academic performance, so you're always up-to-date with everything that's going on with your students!

The Importance of Lifelong Learning and How to Enable That Through Technology - Kevin Streater (ForgeRock University)

LITE 2018

A favourite speaker at our LITE Conferences, Kevin Streater talked about how technology can be applied to the challenge of lifelong learning and demonstrated a practical implementation that ForgeRock has released this year, using off-the-shelf platforms.

Marketing Campaigns and Message Centre - Rico Page (Administrate)

LITE 2018

Rico Page showed off our marketing system and our message centre to show you how you can use our marketing features in your day-to-day tasks.

The State of the Product - Troy Michels (Administrate)

LITE 2018

A regular fixture at LITE, Troy Michels from our Product team kept us up to date on everything that has been happening in Administrate, and what we can expect from Administrate in the future.

The Road Ahead - John Peebles (Administrate)

LITE 2018

In our closing talk for LITE 2018, Administrate CEO John Peebles looked at what's on the horizon for Administrate and what our plans and hopes are for the next year.

LITE Closing Party

After two days of hard work, everyone was looking forward to our closing party - held in Administrate's Edinburgh headquarters!

A Big Thanks to Our Sponsors!

LITE 2018

We also want to say a massive thanks to our sponsors for LITE 2018 - our awesome venue CodeBase, Lead Liaison, Coursecheck, and the sponsors of our after-party Eagle Labs! We couldn't have done it without you!

Thanks for Coming!

LITE 2018

Thanks for coming to LITE 2018 and making it another great event! Videos of all our speaker talks will be available soon so stay tuned!


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