Ok, maybe not the best tagline for your business, but let’s explore what we actually mean.  Cockroaches are some of the most terrifying insects, at least in our opinion.  Who hasn't had a terrifying experience turning on the lights and seeing them scatter away?  While cockroaches may be disturbing, they do have some amazing characteristics that you can apply to your training business, and that's what we're interested in.

Cockroaches - The Ultimate Survivalists

Simply put, cockroaches are some of the hardiest insects on our planet. According to Wikipedia, some cockroaches can:

  • Survive for a month without food, or even longer with very little food such as the glue from the back of a postage stamp!
  • Go without air for up to 45 minutes!
  • Survive being submerged under water for up to 30 minutes!
  • Withstand 6 to 15 times the radiation dosages humans can!

Because of this, it's often popularly suggested that cockroaches will "inherit the earth"!

The only nice looking cockroach we could find, from Pixar's WALL-E. The only nice looking cockroach we could find, from Pixar's WALL-E.

Running a Cockroach Company

The training industry has had to weather the worldwide economic difficulties over the last few years.  We're sad to say we've seen many training companies fold in that timespan.  We've also seen many training companies succeed, despite the difficult economic climate.

What sets the two groups apart?  We believe the difference is in how they approach their business.  The ones who succeed are "Cockroach Companies", impossible to kill, and able to survive incredible circumstances.

Characteristics of Cockroach Companies

  • Great at Finding Food (Marketing and Selling Courses) - do you have a well oiled marketing and sales machine?  This doesn't necessarily mean you have tonnes of people working to market our sell your courses, but it does mean you spend time on this every day.  Your marketing messages should be well defined and communicated, your sales process should be bullet proof, and you should be offering online bookings for your courses.  Most training companies fail because they can't get enough people registered on their courses.
  • Great at Finding Shelter (Tools, Backups, Technology) - your business needs a safe place to operate from, and quality tools to brave the elements.  Do you have everything backed up electronically?  Does your training administration software get maintained regularly, without fail?  Do you have training administration software to help keep track of everything?  We've had several clients of ours tell us how using Administrate to run their business meant they could get rid of their office and have their employees work from home, thus helping them make it through tougher times.
  • Bred For Survival (Frugal, Close Attention to Finances) - Cockroach companies seem to be born with survival in their DNA, just like how the cell structure of a cockroach makes it less susceptible to radiation damage.  Breed a culture of frugality within your workforce, don't allow waste, and explain how these habits will make the bad times bearable and the good times twice as great.  Make sure you can quickly invoice and track your debtors, and if possible take payment for your courses when they book online!
  • Able to Move Fast (Changes are Made Efficiently and For the Right Reasons) - when we release a new feature or change to Administrate, we often see the cockroach companies lining up to learn about the changes and they're usually the first to implement them.  This is because they've taken care of their normal operations, are using their training management system to the fullest, and can therefore now move fast to get ahead of the competition.
  • Avoiding Traps (Focusing on What's Important) - The smartest cockroaches know a trap when they see it, and avoid them, no matter how tempting.  Cockroach companies tend to avoid taking on projects they don't have experience in, signing longterm contracts for unproven tools (why not take a free trial first?), or always going with the quick fix when a more fundamental change may be needed.  Avoiding these traps can really make a difference!
  • Seeking Out New Areas (More Courses? eLearning?) - We've seen many training companies do well in their initial area, then branch out to offering different courses or using different distribution models to get extra sources of income in case one source falters.  It doesn't take very much time or investment to explore repurposing some of your offline courses and offering an eLearning version, particularly if you use Administrate, so why not give it a go?

Our Mission is to Support Training Companies

We help training companies all over the world every day, and we love it!  Our training administration software is designed to give you the necessary tools to turn your training operation into a Cockroach Company!  We'll support you on every step of the training delivery process:

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