Every week we make small changes to Administrate that help make your training business run more smoothly and efficiently.  Here's a few highlights from this month's activity.

Here's What's New From our March Release:

  1. You can now create a score template for a course, then store each delegate's scores within that template as the course progresses.  Score templates can include any number of columns which can contain a checkbox, date selector, or text box.  After scores are filled in, they can be exported to Excel.  Old score history has been automatically retained and transferred into this new system.
  2. If there's no picture on a contact, we won't show an icon.  Updating a picture is now more intuitive and performed by clicking "Edit" and then choosing your picture.
  3. The Locations Report now shows Country and Region in separate columns.  Columns can also now be sorted alphabetically.
  4. The Sales Ledger now supports exporting to Excel.
  5. We've updated and improved the styling of the Help Articles, the scroll bar now works across all Internet browsers.
  6. You can now cancel registrations for individual sessions. If the delegate is subscribed to a compound event you can cancel the registration for the multi-session too.

A great way to learn about our upcoming releases is to follow our Operations Twitter feed @Adm1nistrateOps. This feed updates you on any operational incidents we're experiencing as well as releases so you can stay informed.