Recently we headed over to Dammam in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to have a chat with the team at Middle East Logistics Institute (MELI) and see how they were getting on using the Administrate system. MELI have been an Administrate customer since the end of 2014, and we wanted to catch up with them and see how Administrate is making their lives much easier!

Stay Organised

Before using Administrate, MELI admits that they didn't really have a system in place to deal with their archive data, which meant trying to find any past data was a huge undertaking for them. Also day-to-day tasks such as printing off attendance sheets could take up a lot of time if details were incorrect, or if the data was displayed in the wrong way. Making the move to Administrate has meant that all their data is now really quick and easy to find, and documents like attendance sheets can be templated so there's no longer a worry about them missing vital information.

Save Time!

We aim to save all our customers time in their day-to-day tasks, and it seems MELI are no different! Using the Administrate software has saved the team loads of time in the daily administrative work they have to complete, as well as letting them work faster and more professionally, according to Amer Badarneh, Institute Manager at MELI.

Excellent Customer Support

We pride ourselves on delivering amazing customer support to all our customers, and MELI have been very impressed with the service they have received so far. Here are some of the things they had to say:

  • Easy Communication: "We directly communicate with the support team there. They are not in Saudi Arabia, but it’s easy to communicate with them."
  • Additional Support When Needed: "Immediately they took the right action, and decided themselves to come immediately to Saudi Arabia and give three days full class training, which solved everything!"
  • Amazing Training: "The training was perfect, and we immediately took the decision to go live."

Watch below to see for yourself how MELI runs their training using Administrate!