We are really excited to announce our integration with leading Email Service Provider, MailChimp, which will allow you to conduct email campaigns within Administrate.  The integration streamlines the process from deciding who to target through to pushing the button on the final draft.  Instead of exporting lists then uploading them to your ESP to be organised and ready to send, MailChimp integration simplifies this and in one click, your contacts are ready to be mailed.

MailChimp is an email service provider that enables users to create email campaigns, manage subscribers in segmented mailing lists, share the campaigns across social media platforms and analyse the results to determine the success of the campaign.

At Administrate, we continually work hard to improve and extend the value that the system offers your business and you will find a regularly updated overview of newly released features and enhancements available within Administrate - if you don’t know where this is on the system, just ask!

We're testing it at the moment so if you want to get involved in beta-testing this new feature, get in touch.

To always keep up-to-date with our MailChimp integration, why not head to our integrations page to get all the details?