About a year ago, we realised we had a problem.  We wanted a dead simple way to ask our customers what they thought of Administrate and our services.  Normal surveys took too long and didn’t let people respond to a simple question in just one click.  We spent quite a bit of time considering different options, and finally settled on Customer Thermometer, a fellow UK startup, to help us poll our customers and let them respond with just one click.  We’ve found Customer Thermometer to be an ideal tool for measuring our Net Promoter Score and identifying areas where customers are frustrated, unhappy, or have an issue which we’re not resolving.

Take a Student’s Temperature in Just One Click

If you’re an Administrate customer, you probably recognise these emails, which we periodically send to gauge how we’re doing.  The thing we love most about this tool is a response can be delivered in just one click, from directly within an email client.  That’s it!  Of course, you can customise things and collect additional information if you’d like, but the simplicity of the standard thermometer survey means our response rates are much higher, and people don’t need to worry about filling out long or complex surveys.

Get Instantly Notified About Bad Feedback

Another feature we loved? Getting immediate notification whenever gave us a negative grade.  You can configure these thresholds during your survey setup, and we loved being able to immediately jump on the problem to see how we could do a better job.

example of customer thermometer viewed in outlook signature

Fully Integrated With Our Communication Triggers

After we released our communication triggers to help training providers automate their emails, we were delighted that Customer Thermometer reached out to us and asked if we’d be interested in an integration for Administrate.  Training companies and internal training departments (our customers) share a similar need to us in that they need to know how their courses were received by their customers.  While we have longer detailed evaluation forms available as part of our product, we don’t have anything to match the simplicity and effectiveness of Customer Thermometer.

Until today.

See It In Action

Now, Administrate customers can signup for a Customer Thermometer account and automatically send out post-course surveys via our automated communication trigger feature, then receive detailed personalised feedback!  Customer Thermometer put together a great video showing just how easy this process is, and we’ve already tested this out with a few customers who love it!  They've also got a page detailing the integration with Administrate if you'd like more information.

Try It Out Today!

While you do need an active Customer Thermometer account (which does cost extra), Administrate customers don’t need to change anything to start using this feature today.  Not sure if it’s for you? Signup for a free account with Customer Thermometer and see what you think, they let you send up to 10 surveys (or record up to 10 clicks) each month for free!

Let us know how you get on!