stay tuned with what's new at Administrate with our product announcement gadgetWe're Improving a Lot of Stuff!

In the last year so much has changed here at Administrate.  We've had a new website, new pricing, new LMS, tons of new customers, new product features, lots of bugs fixed, new integrations released, new support documentation portal, and a whole lot more!

With so much going on, sometimes it's even difficult for us to keep track of everything, and we work here!  We've been noticing that some of our customers are finding themselves in the dark about what's going on and are missing out on some of the new product features which they could really use.

Stay Tuned Via Your Administrate Dashboard

Today we're releasing a new Dashboard Gadget that will display news from our Operations Twitter Account.  Our commitment to transparency means that this information is always publicly available, but now you don't even have to subscribe to our twitter feed or remember to check - updates will be right there on your dashboard!

You should see updates on the following:

  • Bug Fixes - when we fix a bug that impacts more than a single customer, we'll tweet a quick description.
  • New Features - most new features will be accompanied by a blog post (like this one!) with more detail and screenshots, as well as links to support documentation.
  • System Status Updates - If we're having trouble delivering a part of our service, have an outage, or some other kind of service impacting issue, we'll tweet about it.  If our application is down, you can always find up-to-date information on our Operational Status page, which is separate from our application infrastructure.

We encourage you to keep this gadget enabled, but in the event that you don't want to be kept updated, you can remove it with just one click.  Customise your dashboard to put the gadget back, it's that easy.  Enjoy, and stay tuned!