Whiteboard Wednesday is a chance for a member of the Administrate team to share some gems from their knowledge and experience with you, our loyal blog readers. This month, Natasha Serafimovska breaks down the differences between integrated and non-integrated online course bookings. Essential info whether you work within a training company or an internal department. Enjoy...


Key Takeaways:

There are multiple ways to engage with the learner at the point of signing up for a course:

An enquiry - someone coming to you, enquiring about a course and asking to be enrolled on it. This usually involves a manual action by an administrator.

An inbound booking - this relates to an individual finding your courses, perhaps on your website via a search engine and then booking themselves on to a course via a form.

An outbound booking - taking your courses to potential learners; this could be via calls, email, advertising etc

We’re focussing on the ‘inbound booking’ in this Whiteboard session and in particular a person booking a course via your website. There are two ways of delivering online bookings via your site:

Non-integrated - a booking can be taken online, but there’s then manual work required via an administrator to complete the booking/sale. This takes more time and ultimately more money!

Integrated - your website or intranet communicates directly with a TMS (Training Management System) in real-time, automating many of the tasks that a non-integrated solution would create.

Further benefits of an integrated solution:

  • A large reduction in admin
  • Your course inventory will be updated in real-time
  • Confirmation of the booking and ongoing communication with the learner will be automated
  • Financial documentation including invoices can be also be automated

It’s clear that using an integrated solution for course bookings has huge advantages! We hope you enjoyed the video and it gave you some ‘food for thought’ If you’d like to know more about the Administrate TMS, click here.

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