Doesn't time fly? We're already well into the latter half of 2016 and thoughts are now turning to making the most of Summer (being based in Scotland, we're reliably informed that it is indeed a season) and the run up to Autumn and Winter.

The software business moves incredibly quickly and it's been a busy first half of the year for Administrate. In the space of just 6 short months we've opened a US office, entertained a visit from the First Minister of the Scottish Government, participated in the UpScale scheme, attended numerous international trade shows and recruited many new faces to the team. We're still hiring too!

On the product front, in addition to the regular weekly updates, we've introduced a slick new Reporting Engine and Sales Opportunities System as well as adding SMS Communication Triggers and a Mass Student Adder tool. All while working on our new Xero integration too!

Outside of work, one of our Account Managers, Gilles, has just tied the knot, while our Operations Manager, Jen, also gets married later this year. Account Executive Jesse stormed round a Tour Series Bike race in Edinburgh (right outside our offices!) and Account Executive Rico got a little bit philosophical.

As we're getting reflective, we thought it prudent to share five of the top viewed Training Tips from 2016 so far, just in case you missed them;

1. Introduction to eLearning

Over a series of three posts, we discussed how to get started with eLearning for the first time. Part one saw us covering the selection of the right tools for an effective blended learning strategy; a Training Management System (TMS), Learning Management System (LMS) and Content Authoring Tool (CAT). In part two we covered how to go about creating quality eLearning content. Finally we shared six ways you could adapt more traditional approaches to learning delivery to include an eLearning component.

Read Part One - Selecting the right eLearning tools.
Read Part Two - Six tips on how to create better eLearning content.
Read Part Three - Six ways to adapt traditional learning delivery to include an eLearning twist.

2. How To Get Started With ‘Snackable’ Learning

We discussed how using a series of smaller, 'snackable', courses could help increase learner retention from 25% to 80 or even 90%, compared to a more standard approach to training delivery. We then proposed five ways you might be able to incorporate snackable learning techniques within your course syllabus.

Read How To Get Started With ‘Snackable’ Learning

3. Terrific TED Talks for Training Professionals

Back in March we shared three of our favourite education and learning TED talks from Ramsey Musallam, John Green and Dan Pink. Inspiring and completely free, they certainly warrant a watch!

Watch Terrific TED Talks for Training Professionals

4. Five Reasons Why ILT Remains Vital

We're big advocates of Instructor Led Training (ILT) at Administrate. It's use as part of a blended learning strategy alongside eLearning is championed within our article that addresses why ILT is just as important today as it has always been.

Read Five Reasons Why ILT Remains Vital

5. The Ultimate EdTech & eLearning Jargon Buster!

Finally, we wanted a central place to keep track of all the acronyms and terminology we encounter on a daily basis, creating our EdTech and eLearning Jargon Buster to help translate the industry. It's proven quite popular since we published it earlier this month but we're under no illusion that we've covered everything. That's where you come in! Please let us know if you spot any acronyms or terms that we've missed. Together, we hope to create a useful resource to help those new to the industry get up to speed.

Explore The Ultimate EdTech and eLearning Jargon Buster!

What's Next?

The next few months are shaping up to be pretty busy! Our CEO John and Marketing Director Mike are preparing to speak at popular tech festival, the Turing Festival, in August and of course, we're getting everything setup to host our second annual EdTech conference, LITE 2016 on September 22-23. We really hope you can join us!