Twitter is one of the best ways to network and converse with key players in the training and eLearning industry.  Building upon last week's post which detailed some fantastic resources for training professionals, we thought we'd round up some of the best tweeters in the game.


Mark L. Sheppard (@marklearns)


Mark is a self proclaimed learning and development geek with the same outlook as us at Administrate - learning is ongoing. As well as tweets about his hometown of Toronto, Mark gives fantastic updates whilst he's attending trade shows and often re-caps key workshops and sessions with his uniquely detailed sketch notes (shown above).  

Melissa Milloway (@MelMilloway)


Melissa is an eLearning developer who delivers her content with plenty of humour and pick-me-ups (see the above tweet, for example). Amongst the laughs, there are plenty of posts on what the next big thing in eLearning will be, as well as some really handy tips on how to design the best content for your learners.

Bianca Woods (@eGeeking)


If you're looking for tips on how to author better content or how to please an audience, you need look no further than Bianca's timeline. Her feed is full of great tips for trainers and learners alike, with a big focus on her specialist subject - exploring learning through the medium of comic books.


John Leh (@JohnLeh)


As well as being CEO and lead analyst at Talented Learning, John is an eLearning giant. Expect lots of tweets regarding emerging technologies in the learning sector, especially advancements within mLearning and LMS.

Craig Weiss (@diegoinstudio)


Craig Weiss is one one of the most recognisable names when it comes to eLearning. He's an author, thought leader and speaker who has travelled around the world to present at some of the best training trade shows and conferences. This eLearning stalwart provides plenty of industry insight as well as posing interesting questions to his followers to invite some healthy debate.


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