Shareable Content Object Reference ModelIf you're looking to provide eLearning to your students, you'll pretty quickly run into questions and references surrounding SCORM.  The Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a specification that means you:

  • Can play content in more than one Learning Management System
  • Provides a standard set of interfaces between your students working their way through your content and the LMS.

Put simply, think of an LMS as your DVD player, and your SCORM content as the DVD.  But how do you create SCORM compatible content?

Create SCORM Content with an Authoring Tool

To author SCORM content you'll need an Authoring Tool.  There are several options here, ranging from the very expensive and featureful to free and much less powerful.  We don't recommend any specific authoring tool, but we do recommend that you make sure you have the following features available when choosing which tool you use:

  1. SCORM Compliant - make sure your authoring tool emits SCORM compatible and compliant content (either SCORM 1.2 or SCORM2004).  If you have any doubt whether your content will work, you're welcome to test it within the Administrate LMS, or there are free testing tools provided by SCORM Cloud.
  2. HTML5 Output - SCORM was originally mostly delivered using Flash, which means that iOS devices can't play the content, as they don't support Flash.  Most authoring tools now provide a way to emit HTML5 content which means your iOS using mobile students can use your content.
  3. Internationalisation - if your content will be translated into multiple languages, make sure your authoring tool supports the languages you will need.
  4. Compatible Computing Platform - many SCORM authoring packages are Windows only, but Mac options do exist.  Mac users can often run authoring packages using VMWare or Parallels, but it's good to know ahead of time if this will be a requirement.
  5. Do You Need Quizzing or Testing? Some eLearning courses don't require testing or assessment of students.  If you need this, pay special attention to the options that the Authoring Tool you select provides.

Some Popular Options Our Customers Use

Here are some of the most popular options our customers use with Administrate LMS (in no particular order).  All of the non-free products offer free trials so you can try them out and make sure they work for you.

  • Microsoft Learning Essentials - a free add-on to Windows based office products, you can convert your Office docs to SCORM files.
  • Articulate - Very fully featured option that supports internationalisation.
  • Adobe Captivate - Another very fully feature option that's very popular.
  • Camtasia - Mac and Windows options available, got their start in the screen recording segment.  Testing only available with Windows version.

Check out eLearning 24/7's extremely in-depth reviews of Learning Management Systems and SCORM Authoring packages for even more information, reviews, and rankings to help you make an informed decision!

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