If you run a smaller training business, you may feel that you don’t need a training management system (TMS). Everything may seem like it’s well taken care off, but the truth is a TMS could help you run your training even better.

Training management systems aren’t just for larger businesses; they’re also perfect for helping smaller businesses manage their training and grow their training offering.

Here are our top 10 reasons why we think your smaller training business could benefit from a TMS.

1. Sell Courses Online and Never Miss a Sale

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As a training business, you’ll want to make sure you secure every sale you possibly can, and this is even more key for smaller businesses who want to grow their customer base and see their business grow.

If you only take sales over the phone or via email, then you could be missing out on lots of valuable customers. Having a training management system that integrates with your website will allow you to take course bookings and payments online.

This means your customers can buy from you on any day, at any time, whether you have staff in the office to deal with the sale or not – it’s like your business is never closed!

2. Send Emails Instantly

Training companies send a lot of emails to keep their students up to date with their training, their course materials, their assessments, their results and certificates, their bookings details, etc. If you have to send all these emails manually, to every student that takes a training course with you, that time will quickly add up!

This is time that could be better spent on tasks which need a more personal touch instead of these repetitive tasks.

A training management system can give you the ability to set up automated email triggers, meaning you write all the standard emails your business uses ahead of time and then decide on the trigger events which cause the emails to be sent.

After that, all the emails will automatically send when they are triggered, and you don’t need to worry about manually sending any of these standard-type emails ever again!

You can also use merge fields to ensure that your emails always include the personalised details of each student without any additional manual work for you or your team.

3. Upload Your Courses with Ease

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A huge benefit of a training management system is the fact you can sell your courses online by integrating your TMS with your website. This means that any information you enter into your TMS regarding your courses will automatically be published on your website, meaning you don’t need to worry about duplicate data entry or updating and editing course information in multiple places.

At Administrate we also have a feature called course templates, which allows you to create multiple instances of the same course in just a few clicks, rather than having to repeat the same information over and over again.

You can create a course template with all the standard information in place, such as the contents of the course, how long the course runs, and what qualification is gained, and then every time you create a new instance of that course all you need to do is update specific details like the location, date, and teacher.

4. Cut Down on Manual Sales

As we mentioned above, a training management system will give you the chance to sell your courses online as well as via the phone and email. However, this isn’t just good for increasing your potential customer base; it also means your Sales team will have to deal with less manual sales themselves.

This will save your Sales team loads of time as they no longer have to spend their days tied to the telephone or answering lots of emails. It also gives them less follow-up work to do, as they won’t have to log the sale in your sales system or pass the details onto other relevant teams, as your TMS will take care of all of that for them!

5. Run More Training Even with Limited Resources


If you only run classroom-based training sessions, then you are limited with the number of classes you can run. The number of teachers you have and the number of classrooms you have access to will all be things that affect the number of training courses you can run. And if you have a limit on the amount of training you can run, then you have a limit on the amount of revenue you can earn.

A training management system will give you the chance to increase the number of courses you run in a number of different ways:

  • Pick a TMS with a built-in learning management system (LMS) and offer eLearning to your students. As there is no direct teachers involved and no classrooms you can have as many students on each course as you want.
  • Administrate’s training management system integrates with Zoom, meaning you can run virtual-instructor lead training sessions for your students. While you will still need a teacher to run these sessions, you won’t have to limit the number of students you can have in each session like you would if they were run in a classroom.
  • Run blended courses, which are a mix of eLearning and classroom sessions. Putting as much content online as possible will free up your teaching staff and classrooms, allowing you to schedule additional classes in that free time.

6. Do More Without Hiring More Staff

If your starting to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you and your team have to do you may think it’s time to hire new staff. While you will need to start increasing the size of your team as you grow, a training management system can help you manage so many of your training tasks that you can put off hiring new staff for some time. It can also mean that when you do start hiring additional team members, you probably won’t have to hire as many people as you may think you do.

A training management system can handle so many manual and repetitive tasks that your current staff's time will be freed up to deal with those more critical tasks and the tasks which require a human touch.

7. Manage Everything from One Place


When it comes to finding the right document or piece of information, you think it would be easier to manage in a smaller team. However, in smaller businesses where typically only a few people deal with a specific part of the business, it can be easy to store documents on your own computer or in your own personal filing system.

This means if that member of staff ever leaves or is out of the office, it can be hard to find the information you need quickly.

Using a training management system to manage all your training information means everyone knows where to look when they need to find something, update something, or delete something. That way everyone in the company is on the same page, and you can be confident you are always working with the same information and documents as everyone else.

8. Create Custom Reports in Just a Few Clicks

Reporting is one of those tasks that can eat up a huge amount of time if you’re not careful, and with it being a task that repeats regularly, it can quickly become a massive time drain.

A training management system like Administrate can make reporting a much easier task, but still ensure you get the vital data you need as a smaller business to ensure you accurately track your growth and revenue.

Administrate’s reporting system gives you the ability to create custom reports in just a few clicks. Simply pick the data fields you want to include, as well as the way you want them to appear, and Administrate will automatically create the report for you.

Every time you open the report it will be updated in real-time with the most up-to-date information, so you never need to compile a report with new data ever again!

You can also download the reports if you need to keep specific versions or set them to send to other team members automatically whenever they need to see the most up-to-date information.

9. Save Money on Additional Software

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Using a training management system is not only good for keeping all your information in one place, but it also means that you are only paying for one piece of software rather than multiple systems to do the same job.

Here are just some of the systems that Administrate has the functionality of, meaning you don’t need to purchase them separately:

  • Course booking system
  • CRM
  • Reporting system
  • LMS
  • Sales system
  • Marketing system
  • Team management software

10. Have a System That Grows with You

As a smaller business, it’s important to find software that not only meets your needs just now but will continue to meet your needs as you grow.

A TMS like Administrate is here to help you grow and continue to be the only system you need as you grow in size and start to service more customers.

  • Run as many courses as you like through our course booking system. We can support a handful of course or a whole course catalogue with ease!
  • Grow your customer base with our CRM. You can add more information to customer records as you grow, and never lose any details about a past customer.
  • Report on any of the data you have entered into Administrate in seconds. Even if you’re reporting on a growing number of sales or customer records, Administrate will still handle it all for you and complete your reports in a couple of clicks.
  • Manage email lists no matter what their size, so it’s always easy to send automated communications, surveys, and newsletters to your students - no matter how big your pool of students grows.

Interested in Administrate?

If you’re interested in Administrate and how our TMS could benefit you, why not watch our three-minute tour video to get a complete overview of the system? If you like what you see, book a personalised demo with one of our team, and we’ll be happy to talk you through how we can help you!

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