LITE is just around the corner and we can’t wait!

Those who have already picked up a ticket, we can’t wait to see you there! For those who haven’t, why not?

LITE is now in its third year and is shaping up to be an event like no other! This year we have:

  • Keynote talks, helping you improve processes and drive revenue.
  • 1-2-1 personalised sessions, where you can receive individual, personalised help, discuss your growth plans, and get a sneak peek into upcoming developments.
  • Workshops in which you will gain in-depth training, advice and support.
  • Evening events like no other, the chance for you to meet the Administrate team, and network with attendees who are passionate about technology.

It’s a fantastic event for any training and L&D professional, so if you haven’t already, grab a ticket and be part of it!

But Hurry! Early Bird is Ending and Ticket Prices are Going Up!

Right now, you can grab a ticket to LITE for £99, but hurry, this special is ending soon and prices are going up! So, make sure you don’t wait until the last minute!

Workshop Of The Week

This week I wanted to turn your attention to our networking workshop.

Do you find yourself going to conferences, talking to the same people, and never meeting anyone new that could potentially elevate your business? Well this is the workshop for you! Led by several members of the Administrate team, this is a perfect opportunity to network, meet peers in the training industry, and share common goals and experiences.

If you're interested in all the workshops we have on offer, you can check out our full schedule here.

LITE Throwback

This week we are highlighting one of LITE 2016’s headline keynotes, John Romero. John is probably most well known as being the co-creator of Doom and his talk in 2016 explored the value of games in education and ways to make it work. Check it out below!