We've had a lot of great feedback and improvements since we released our new calendar earlier this year, but we continue to make improvements.  Today we're really happy to announce the immediate release of calendar subscriptions.

mac calendar subscription

Stay On Top of Your Training

This is one of the most requested features we've had and it's no surprise - who wouldn't want to keep tabs on everything that's going? Now you can subscribe to the courses you're running, appointments, resource availability, marketing activities, and staff holidays from any supported desktop application or mobile device!

Customise Your Calendar and Never Miss a Beatiphone calendar subscription

Subscriptions can be customised using the filters already built into the Administrate calendar and you can setup multiple feeds for different views if you like.

Calendar subscriptions provide all the relevant information about the calendar items in question so that you can see all the relevant information and quickly jump into Administrate if you need to.

Get Started Today!

We're using industry standard iCal feeds so most devices and applications should support these subscriptions (which are read only) out of the box.  We've included some instructions for major applications and mobile devices in our support documentation.  And remember, if you'd like to give Administrate a try, don't hesitate to get started with a free trial!