Note: This is a deeper discussion of the things we value and how we work.  Read more about what we believe here.


It's no secret that Administrate is a startup company, growing quickly, with lots of change.  We're proud of how we're growing, and we intend to accelerate this growth.  But our goal isn't simply to become profitable or get huge numbers of customers (although these things are among our goals).

We want to experience this growth in a highly sustainable way.  In our view, starting a company is a lot like running a marathon - it's an endurance sport with many highs and lows, lasting over a long period of time.  It's not a sprint.  Pace, training, and finishing the race are important.  Sprinting for short bursts, not achieving our goals, or experiencing Pyrrhic victories is not what we're about.

How Does This Tangibly Impact Us?

Here are a few examples.

  • We don't rely on heroics to get the job done.  We believe that proper planning and careful execution are more important than working crazy hours to get something done, then burning out.
  • We want to deliver well architected, well thought out products. We don't necessarily optimise for speed.  We'll take a little longer in the short term to deliver a long term solution.
  • We want long term employees, customers, solutions, and pricing strategies.
  • We want to keep our company lean, humble, and nimble.
  • We want to be more thoughtful and strategic.
  • We take the view of "will this be viable long term" when evaluating decisions.
  • We hate waste.  We love efficiency.
  • We invest in our coworkers, ourselves, and customers.

There are plenty of other examples, these are just a few!