At Administrate, we're big on team education, and one of the sources our staff get a shed-load of value from is TED. There's so many incredible videos available for free on TED, covering almost every subject imaginable, and that certainly rings true when it comes to education and learning. I wanted to share three of our favourites with you, our loyal blog readers. I've picked out some key takeaways for you, but the true value lies in watching the talks. Grab a pen and paper, sit back, and enjoy!

Ramsey Musallam - 3 Rules to Spark Learning

Key takeaways

Here are Ramsey's three rules:

1 - Curiosity comes first - think about how you can create curiosity among the groups you deliver training to. Encourage learners to question and challenge everything.
2 - Embrace the mess! Trial and error can teach you a lot about your working practices.
3 - Practice reflection - how often do you sit down with your colleagues and assess the practices within your training department?

John Green - The Nerd's Guide to Learning Everything Online

Key takeaways

We love the fact that John relates certain knowledge he has gained to real-life situations:

  • He learned about 'opportunity cost' while playing Super Mario Kart
  • Memorised poetry due to the fact a girl he had a crush on in High School was a fan

This is all about learning by association. Tying a learning aim to an understandable and tangible scenario is a great way to make it stick!

Dan Pink - The Puzzle of Motivation

Key takeaways

Dan's talk looks at the essence of motivation and questions if incentivising people for completing tasks is actually effective. Some key pointers:

  • Incentives can dull creativity and cause narrow thinking
  • Often lower reward incentives produce the best results
  • Too many businesses ignore the science when it comes to incentives

How can you apply Dan's thinking to your internal teams but also those you train? Perhaps adding some Gamification would add the right level of incentive without causing the issues addressed in the talk?

How were those for a shot of inspiration? Do you have a TED talk you love? Please do share with us in the comments section. 

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