We talk about this a lot, but something which is consistently a huge problem and time-drain for training companies is emails!  Lots of emails!

Training companies need to have lots of touchpoints with their students, from confirming the student’s place on the course, joining instructions, class material lists, details of assessments, survey requests, certificates, and any follow-up contact you have with them. That adds up to a lot of emails – and that’s just for one student! Multiply this by all the students you have, across all your courses, and you can see how just creating and sending emails can quickly eat up a lot of your time!

These emails need to be sent, but last thing you want is having one or more staff members spending majority of their time doing it – so what’s the solution?

Make Things Easier!

Students emailing

If you want to make things a whole lot easier, then why not download our free training company ‘Student Emails Template Pack’. We’ve created templates for what we think are the seven most common emails you’re likely to send as a training company, with gaps for you to personalise them with your own company’s data!

Don’t worry about creating emails from scratch again, just copy and paste our handily pre-written content and you’re good to go! You can download them at the bottom of this post!

Go One Step Further

Emailing from a laptop

If you want to go one step further and make your email sending completely automated, then Administrate could be the answer to your problems!

Create Email Templates

Administrate gives you the ability to create and store email templates within our training management system so you can use them over and over again, without having to rewrite them or even copy and paste every time! You can even use the templates we’ve created for download and copy the text straight into Administrate and then save it for future use. Don’t say we’re not good to you!

Use Merge Fields

Using merge fields in your emails and templates means that all the personalised data you need for each email (such as name, class title, and email address) will be pulled in directly from Administrate’s CRM, without any extra work for you! This means no copying and pasting lots of information to make the emails personalised, and no worrying about human error!

Set up Automated Communications

Administrate allows you to set up trigger events for when you would like an email to send. An example of this would be a student buying a place on one of your training courses triggering a ‘Thank You for Registering’ email to be sent. You can set up as many triggers as you need, and use your emails templates to make sure all your communications always include all the information they need to.

This means once you’ve set up your email template and your trigger, you never need to worry about that email again, as it will always be sent automatically when it needs to be.

It also means that you don’t need to wait till you have staff members in the office for emails to get sent, as Administrate can make sure they are sent straightaway, even if it’s outside office hours!

So What Now?

Download our free ‘Student Emails Template Pack’ right now to make creating those recurring a whole lot easier!

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And if you’re interested in never worrying about all those training emails ever again, book a personalised demo with a member the Administrate team, and we can talk you through the process!