Link courses from Administrate to your website

Recording details of your courses across multiple channels can be time consuming and frustrating.  How often have you had to input the same course information into multiple places, including your website?

By integrating your website with Administrate, you cut out the duplication involved in updating your internal systems and your client-facing website.

Integrate your website with Administrate

  • Display upcoming courses  on your website directly from the system
  • Show the full list of courses on offer, taken from your Administrate master course list
  • Give more detail on courses with a course summary
  • Show the full event calendar and the locations that the courses will be held
  • Store documents on Administrate and link through to them on the website
  • Take bookings from your website and process them through Administrate

The Administrate system can ‘talk to’ your website, through the use of an API, meaning that live data from Administrate is automatically pulled onto your website without the need to update or maintain both areas.

When you’re adding a new course to your system or making changes to your course, your website will automatically update, saving time and minimising scope for errors.

Your website is the first point of contact for your customer base so it’s important that they find up to date and accurate information on your courses. Administrate’s website integration solution makes sure that happens.