Hi, I’m Ryan from Administrate. Good communication is a vital part of a well-run training company, yet so many struggle to get to grips with it. It’s no wonder why, when you consider the number of learners that have to be tracked, the instructors who we have to engage with and the emails that we have to send on a daily basis alone. Often we find ourselves behind before we’ve even started.

Now, communication is an art form, and certainly I’m no Da Vinci, but in order to show you how Administrate can help you improve your training comms, we’re going to take a step back in time to the 1990s.

Back in Time

Now, everyone has seen Friends, right? A great bunch of fun-loving amigos who get into all sorts of trouble and mischief. That’s how we like to think about Microsoft Office. It was great in the ‘90s, but by the end of the decade, some cracks had started to show, the writing team maybe weren’t as committed as they used to be and we’re starting to see viewers drop off, people are losing interest.

Unfortunately though, by then, people had got entirely used to using Excel and using spreadsheets as a way to manage their business on a daily basis. And rightly so, because they are a really useful tool. But, there’s massive limitations - they’re cluttered, they get unused, they’re split across ten different places and serviced by people who probably don’t know exactly what they’re doing or people who have different ideas of how it’s supposed to be run. That’s not their fault – it’s a difficult system to use, but sooner or later that kind of process is going to fail.

However, if we fast forward to the present day, and we have systems like Administrate, managing training and communicating is far easier.

Save Time with Email Triggers

With email triggers you can craft emails to be sent the second an action is completed, for example, when a new student has signed up to a course. Or let’s say there’s some inclement weather, and we have to cancel a course at short notice. With an SMS trigger, all we have to do is go to our created template and hit the send button. That’s you, you’ve called off your training, you’ve told everyone everything they need to know and you’re not going to have anyone turning up unannounced.

Now why is that important? An increase in customer retention of 5% can result in an increase to profit of up to 25%. Even if you’re broadcasting bad news, like having to cancel a training session, customers tend to show greater loyalty and greater respect to businesses which are transparent in their communication. That’s why it’s a key value of ours’ at Administrate.

Now let’s also look onto the next point which is regarding the number of touch points, that is, how often we communicate with our students. Let’s say that you send seven communications to a student from the welcome email to the end of course. In just three minutes per email I’d like you to try and do the following things. I want you to try to:

  1. Find your template or create it from scratch
  2. Fill in the blanks in your CRM or anything that’s missing from your spreadsheet
  3. Get the right sending address
  4. Double-check your content and make sure the address doesn’t have an error in it
  5. Send the email
  6. Handle any bounces
  7. Update the spreadsheet or your CRM again with anything that you’ve found in the previous six steps

How long do you think that would take you? Maybe an hour, maybe two? At three minutes per email, we find that it takes 35 hours to work through this process of sending seven emails to ten students on ten courses. That’s not a lot, yet that can take up an entire employ’s full week! Now if you visit the Customer Stories page on our website, you’ll be able to see first-hand how some companies have used Administrate to empower their employees and send them on a track towards greater career growth through not having to engage with this sort of content. With not having to engage in dealing with the same thing, the same repetitive tasks day after day. And that can only be good for staff retention as well.

If you fill in the form below, you can download a case study as well, which will show how Angelo Garcia of Future Environment Designs was able to use Administrate to enhance his communications, to be able to deal with learners better and how he’s managed to revolutionise how he communicates through Administrate.

I’ve been Ryan and I hope this helps!


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