Something that's vital to my role is ensuring a strong relationship exists between the Administrate Marketing and Sales teams - that sounds rather obvious, yet that bond doesn't always exist within companies, which is baffling to say to least.  A key part of any strong partnership is communication and it was during a recent catch-up with our Sales Director, Richard Cassidy that the inspiration for this post struck me.

Mr Cassidy informed me that a potential new customer had been very impressed by the fact that Administrate had suggested a product demo be recorded, and that the video could be shared with them to view at their leisure. Actions like this come naturally to the Administrate team, not only due to our values, but also in our quest to truly understand our customers (both current and potential).

Our values in action

Administrate is a company with very clear and strong values; we live by them and always seek to reflect them in everything we do. Recording a product demo is a perfect example of this and fits with our value of always being transparent and truthful (for example, our pricing is on our website for all to see). While our Account Executives relish the opportunity to show our product via a remote screenshare or even face-to-face, we understand that this doesn't always suit the potential customer. Why may that be the case?

  • You may have to share the demo with other people within your business - it's not always possible to gather everyone to watch a live demo
  • Watching a demo in your own time gives you more of a chance to assess it and come up with any questions - we want queries from you as they're a key part of ensuring Administrate is the right solution
  • The decision to implement a product like Administrate is not one that tends to be made quickly - recording our demos means you can use them again and again during the decision making process

Richard expands on this in his own wise words:

"We see recording demos as a form of training. Plenty of stats backup how much is forgotten by students as soon as they leave the classroom, unless there is repetition. Watching software demos is the same. How can we expect our future customers to make critical decisions about how to run their business or department after only one or two exposures?"

Stay tuned for more on the Administrate values

As I said earlier, we work with our values in mind at all times. Too many businesses claim to have strong values that guide them, when in reality, they slap them up on a wall and that's where it stops. That's not how we work at Administrate and in the coming weeks, we'll be bringing our values to life right here on this blog.