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Platforms Are The New Look for Training Software

For years, training software has limited the growth and scalability of the L&D function.

A platform approach enables training software to your adapt unique operational needs (finally). Disconnected systems, sticky note scheduling sessions, spreadsheets, and endless bulk emails sends are a thing of the past. Critical learning and business systems can now maximize data – to reveal ROI – in one centralized hub, a training operations platform. 

Why Top Training Teams Leverage a Platform Approach

Until now, point solutions have been the only choice in enterprise learning technology.

A centralized operations platform flips that narrative. Keep your LMS, keep your legacy systems, and connect training to critical business systems, while leveraging training data to lead organizational change. All in one place.


Do We Need a Training Operations Platform?

Are you ready for a learning technology platform? Evaluate your training operations with these five questions.

Assess your tech

Master Learning Analytics

Training operations platforms unleash the power of your data. Master critical learning analytics with this guide.

Unlock your data

Architect Your Impact

Learn how top training teams turn learning analytics into data-driven decision making. Put your data to work.

Craft your analytics

Plan, Solve, Schedule Your Training in Minutes

Administrate now offers Scheduler, a powerful tool that solves complex training logistics with a few clicks.

  • Dramatically reduce the time to create training calendars.
  • Monitor instructor workload and avoid fatigue.
  • Never doublebook, overbook, or underbook resources.


Choose your courses, instructors, resources, locations and set other requirements.



With one click, Scheduler crunches the numbers. It reviews multiple iterations of your schedule and returns the optimal plan.



One more click and Scheduler books all of your instructors, resources, and can even trigger other automations within Administrate such as messaging learners.

How Does Scheduler Work?

Scheduler accesses 100% of your training data: from instructor calendars to equipment lists.

Because it can see all of the building blocks of your training schedule, it’s easy for Scheduler to find the best fit for your needs. Watch this seven minute deep dive into Scheduler and see how it works.

One of the biggest issues we needed to resolve was: empty seats. We couldn't manage cancellations well. Now, with Administrate, we’re able to not only stay ahead of cancellations with automated reminders, but also fill seats quickly when cancellations happen, using the waitlist feature they built for us.

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What’s Your Training ROI Story?

Explore how Administrate has helped these customers architect a learning tech infrastructure, centralize training data, and orchestrate advanced training operations to navigate complex training logistics to demonstrate their ROI.

Boston Whaler Case Study Image

55% Turnover Reduction

Boston Whaler leveraged customizable reporting to overhaul onboarding and reduce turnover.

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$10M+ Training Revenue

ForgeRock's training team streamlined their training operations to do more with less.

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No More Empty Seats

How Royal Caribbean Group saved 10% of their annual budget and automated 87% of manual tasks.

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