Adopting a Learning Tech Infrastructure Approach

How to Construct a Scalable Technology Environment for Enterprise Training

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Point Solution Training Software Doesn't Scale


Why a Platform Approach to Training Matters


Enterprise training is a crucial tool for implementing change and capitalizing on business opportunities. The pattern of point solution software for L&D – daisy-chained together to construct a fragile tech stack that can coordinate training logistics, deliver ILT, vILT, and eLearning, and measure training – does not meet the needs of business-critical learning today, which is why a platform approach is a requirement for responsive training teams.

What the Business Impact of a Learning Tech Infrastructure Could Look Like


Save $1.4m on training delivery

Reduce employee turnover by 55%

Automate 87% of manual work

What is a Learning Tech Infrastructure?

A learning tech infrastructure achieves a unified context for your training program via a single system: a training operations platform. This approach has a lot in common with traditional infrastructure:

A learning tech infrastructure...

  • Consists of diverse solutions pulled together to deliver unified functionality;

  • Adapts to change, both imposed and natural, as the need for more fluidity arises;

  • Is defined as a relationship of interconnectivity between critical systems and the infrastructure, or interface, itself.

Not all training operations platforms are alike; features differ across systems. Administrate, however, is designed to serve as a scalable, uniquely configurable learning tech infrastructure where 100% of your training operations can exist in one interface. Keep your LMS. Keep your critical proprietary learning tech. Connect your training data across the business. Administrate helps all of these vital tools work together so that you can invest more time growing and improving your program instead of just managing it.


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Why is a Learning Tech Infrastructure Different?


A learning tech infrastructure approach enables us to observe, measure, connect and affect change from at least three levels of experience.

Three Levels of Experience


  • Individual or learner experience

  • Team or group experiences (with liberty in how those are defined and may evolve)

  • Organizational experience



Point solution software, like an isolated LMS, unconnected HRIS solution, Finance tracking tech, or even spreadsheets your training team uses to track key operational tasks fail to provide a connected, intelligent picture of your training program. While you may be able to ascertain the performance of a tool, it won’t actually reveal the impact of training on your business. That’s where the disconnected systems approach falls short, every time.


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Engineer Business Intelligence Reports for Enterprise Training

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Early in 2020, CAE, a provider of solutions for simulation-based medical education, knew they needed to create a new experience for employee education. Then, COVID-19 changed their priorities. Their forward-thinking decision to invest in a configurable training operations platform gave them the immediate agility required to pivot on deliverables and maximize opportunities brought on by pandemic response initiatives. 

CAE Healthcare Academy - North America CLO, Dr. Amar Patel, and Administrate CEO, John Peebles, share an application-oriented conversation on how this strategic shift is helping training at CAE to support their rapid business growth.

Included in the discussion:

  • What a learning tech infrastructure is and how it differs from a traditional tech approach.

  • Why taking a platform approach to learning tech is strategic for training programs that lead in their organization.

  • How a training operations platform approach can create agility and opportunity for your business overall.

Visit the CAE website to learn more about the CAE Injection App mentioned in the conversation.