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Enterprise Training is Complex. Training Management Software Simplifies It.

With Administrate, training teams have...


Saved $1.4m on training delivery

Reduced employee turnover by 55%

Automated 87% of manual work

Are You Managing 7+ Systems Just to Run Your Training Operations?

If you are, we bet you wish you could ditch the web of spreadsheets and manage everything from one place.

Enterprise Training is a Web of Disconnected Systems

  • HRIS for employee data

  • LMS for eLearning

  • Zoom for vILT

  • Spreadsheets for course information

  • LXP to serve relevant content

  • Multiple calendars for schedules

  • The list goes on...but, nothing is connected



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Training Management Technology

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How Administrate Works

What if you could connect all your systems together in one place? You can. We call it EdTech Infrastructure. You can call it super connectivity, if you want. Training management software gives you a holistic view of everything it takes to manage your training.

Enterprise Training w Administrate (Infographic) v1

Connectivity without Spreadsheets


  • Document Management System (DMS)

  • vILT, ILT, eLearning, blended learning managed in one system

  • Course & instructor scheduling in one place

  • Open API integrates all of your critical systems

  • Connect learning metrics to bottom-line business objectives with powerful reporting

  • Plus so much more

  • ...and, everything is in one system

organizeOrganize All Your Training Resources

Match learning paths to organizational goals. Use a built-in CRM to coordinate learner engagement. Manage document version control with a document management system.

deliverDeliver Exceptional Training

Multimodal training delivery and management can all happen in one system: deliver online and vILT seamlessly, and manage instructor-led and blended learning efficiently.

plan-1Plan Your Training Effectively

Your human and training resources need to be planned wisely. Coordinate scheduling and logistics, and tracking and reporting on the financials as you create courses.

automateAutomate Training Management

Task reminders, schedules, and learner communications are all automated. Leverage built-in integrations with common systems, or configure custom integrations with an open API.

analyzeAnalyze Training Program Effectiveness

Demonstrate your training program’s ROI with accessible, accurate data and reports that help you show the impact of training across the business.

scaleScale Your Training Operations

Building an EdTech infrastructure with a training management platform allows you to scale your growth with a system agile enough to keep pace with business changes.


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One of the most common problems, when you’re running things manually from spreadsheets, is scaling your operation. The standard response is to expand the team and hire new staff. Actually the answer should be to invest in your system infrastructure. The answer is Administrate.

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We’re standing by to support your organization in achieving meaningful alignment and real business results. It’s all part of the Administrate experience. We’ve already helped hundreds of organizations serving millions of learners.

  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Course Templates
  • Learning Paths
  • Tailored-for-Training CRM
  • Open API
  • HRIS & Finance Tracking Integrations
  • Team Document Management System
  • Calendar Scheduling
  • Automated Learner Communications (SMS + Email)
  • An Award-Winning LMS Included
  • Deliver ILT, vILT, Blended, and LMS Courses
  • A Fully-Hosted Developer Portal


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