System Integration

Many customers have complex technical environments that include multiple disparate systems, processes, and workflows.



Understanding this environment, recommending a comprehensive solution, and helping to connect these systems together can be daunting.  Our System Integration service is designed to help you solve this challenge.



How it Works

We’ll review your environment, and work to understand your business and business processes.

Based on our experience and what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll recommend a solution.

We will work to build, configure, or deploy the solution.

Along the way, we’ll liaise with your internal team, vendors, management, and any other stakeholders.





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Examples of System Integration Work We’ve Performed

  • A connector between Administrate and Oracle Peoplesoft that respected custom internal business processes.
  • Integration work between a content authoring tool and Administrate.
  • Custom data imports and data cleansing for customers transitioning to Administrate.


Why is Training and Implementation Required?

Delivering better training is about more than just software – it involves transforming how you approach your operation. Over the years we’ve found that those customers who did use our implementation services were dramatically more successful than those who didn’t. We want you and your team to be set up for success. Administrate is a large system and can be initially overwhelming. Because the system touches so much of a training operation, there are usually plenty of questions that need to be answered in the consultative environment provided by the implementation services. You and your team can and will benefit from the knowledge of best practices employed across hundreds of customers.