Platforms Versus Point Solutions

Why a platform approach matters in enterprise training.

Administrate is the training operations platform that empowers your team with a learning tech infrastructure that's reliable, future-proof, and deeply connected across your business.



Disconnected Learning Tech Tools May Be Limiting Your Training Success


Are you using 9-12 different systems to manage your training operations?


For years, the pattern of learning tech has revolved around employing single-focus solutions for every training task. Manual workarounds and spreadsheets attempt to fill in the gaps between disconnected systems, but these fixes don’t scale well when business needs change or a rapid-growth opportunity arises.

Take Control of Training Tech

Finally, the data-driven efficiency model of digital transformation is available for enterprise training operations. No longer does your team need to manually send emails, have post-it-filled meetings to sync calendars, or juggle logistics with round-robin email chains. Implementing a training operations platform to collect, coordinate, and report on the full scope of your training program is the first step. 


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Future-Proof Your Program with a Platform Approach

Choosing a platform approach for training operations creates a reliable and agile technology infrastructure for your training program. Individual learning tech tools can come and go. Integrations with other key business systems, like HRIS, Finance, GRC and ERP, can be automated. You get a learning technology framework that's consistent, connected, automated, and reportable so your program can meet strategic demands.  


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Create the Scale You Need

Built to scale, Administrate allows your training program to grow and pivot, while creating efficiency and remaining aligned to your organizational KPIs. With all of your training operations data in one system, you gain the ability to make rapid, data-driven decisions. Your learning tech is now serving you, not the other way around. 


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Manage 100% of Training Operations in One Place


  • Single operations interface: Manage planning, modalities, and activities in one system.
  • Course templates are created once and adapted on the fly for every training event.
  • Logistics management: Schedule space, equipment, vendors, instructors, and more.
  • Align with KPIs: Tailor reporting to organizational objectives.
  • Collaborative learning paths that motivate learners.
  • Automated communications and certificates to promote training engagement.
  • Key integrations with vital business systems, such as HRIS and Finance.
  • No-code reporting engine for easy data access and learning analytics.
  • And, so much more!