How Training Teams Do More with Less, in One System

Training operations software: how enterprise learning and development teams get agility today to stay ahead of tomorrow.

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Does Your Training Team Need a Training Operations Platform?


What You Need to Know About a Training Operations Platform

For many enterprise training programs, the learning tech stack is made up of 10-12 different systems all delivering specific solutions for targeted use cases.

This makes data sharing between systems, and, more importantly, an actionable alignment of training outcomes to organizational objectives difficult, to say the least.

In this guide, your team will explore:

  • The five critical questions leading training teams should be asking of their learning tech to determine if it’s resilient, future-proof, and ready for scale.
  • How your learning team can report on more than just learner activity metrics and actually align training outcomes to your unique organizational KPIs.
  • Where the gaps in your current learning tech may exist, and how to implement strategies to overcome those gaps.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Administrate replace my LMS?
It doesn’t have to. While there is an LMS built in, Administrate is designed to connect any existing learning tech, even legacy and proprietary software, so you don’t need to replace systems that are critical to your training operations.
When do enterprise training teams need a training operations platform?
A platform allows training to quickly connect to new technologies and adapt to new challenges. If your team is losing time to manually updating and maintaining a maze of spreadsheets, or if you’re spending nights and weekends pulling training reports or correcting complex schedules, it is time to consider a training operations platform.
What are the benefits of a training operations platform?
Training operations platforms like Administrate offer training teams immediate access to powerful automation capabilities, allowing training emails to be automated and eliminating mail merges, streamlining course creation and management, and simplifying scheduling. As Administrate collects and analyzes learning analytics from your training program, our platform allows teams to leverage powerful data models to make decisions rapidly, test new training concepts, show training ROI, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

About Administrate

Administrate is a training operations platform that serves as a cloud-based, configurable learning tech infrastructure solution for enterprise training teams. Keep your existing eLearning tools and proprietary systems and allow Administrate to function as your sole operations interface while connecting your training data across the business. Scale your training function, gain operational efficiency, align with organizational KPIs, empower data-driven decisions, and drive business success through effective training management. That’s Administrate.


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