Please Note - This product is for geeks only!  Our REST API is designed to be used by experienced software developers. If you're non-technical and interested in alternative course booking options, check out our other website integrations.

REST API LogoFor several months we've been hard at work building, testing, and getting feedback on a new Application Programming Interface (API) for Administrate.  We've had a SOAP API for years, but it was initially designed to help integrate online course booking, and it didn't conform to modern RESTful practices (geek speak which means a simpler, easier way to interact with an API).

Designed to Provide Modern, Powerful Access to Developers

Our goals for our new REST API were to:

  • Provide a modern API that was easy to use, well documented, and followed prevailing industry best practices.
  • Open access to all aspects of the Administrate system so that developers could build richer applications and integrations for themselves and their clients.

Over the last few months we've worked with a great group of demanding, insightful, and brave beta testers who gave us tons of useful feedback.  To that group we can only say a resounding thanks!  As these customers have worked with us, they've moved their applications one-by-one into production, and our REST API is also now in production.

Explore Our Documentation

Our REST API is extensively documented (along with the rest of our product offering) within our online documentation portal. These docs include examples in several languages (PHP and Python) as well as sample cURL requests.  If you have questions about why something you're seeing isn't conforming to the documentation, check in with our support team.  Unfortunately, we can't support general programming questions or instances where your code may not be working, but our API is working as advertised.

Ready, Get Set, Develop!

If you're an existing client who'd like to start using the REST API, simply setup a new API user and use those credentials to get started.  Remember, this product is designed for technologists and programmers who are familiar with software development, and because the REST API is so powerful, make sure you proceed carefully when using.

If you're a software development company or product company that's interested in building an integration with Administrate using our API, get in touch with us and we'll get you setup and on your way.

Moving Forward

We can't wait to see what gets built!  We will continue to improve and iterate our API, but when any breaking changes are introduced, we will increment the version number so as to not harm your existing work.  Now get out there and get coding!

Not Technical? Don't Worry, We've Got You Covered

If you aren't technical or don't have technical resources available, but still want to integrate your website with Administrate, make sure you check out our two website integration options.  They're designed for website owners who don't want to get involved in coding or managing a development project.  We've written up an in-depth comparison of these options on our blog - let us know if you have any questions.